Windows 10 Update: Free, Spartan, & Holograms?!? Gaming PC: Build or Buy? Watch Region Blocked Videos, DIY TV Calibration Tools, Spark.IO Photon , More!!!

Introducing TekThing with Patrick Norton and Shannon Morse!

Windows X Will Be Free… and full of Spartan! That sounds, um, weird. Watch Anything… like Curling or Netflix… from Anywhere You Might Live or Roam… Build or Buy… Shannon’s workin’ on her next gaming PC!

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Windows 10 News, LastPass Goes Native... 

LastPass finally has a native app for OS X... but the big news is Windows 10. It's gonna be free, universal, offer Holograms via a HoloLens... and go Spartan on the browser. And it's a service now. (We explain in the video.)

Watch Region Blocked Video From Anywhere!

Patrick mentions video on TWiT, and suddenly folks want to know how to watch region blocked video. Doesn't matter if you want to access your Netflix when you're overseas, or get blocked curling videos from Canada, we've got tools to make it happen in the video!

Rapid Fire Round: DIY Calibration, Spark.IO Core, Dolby ATMOS at Home??? 

Martin writes, "How can an "Average Joe" calibrate his or her "average" HD monitor?  I would think calibration on "any" system would help create more effective photos and video." We talk disks for calibrating your HDTV and colorimeters to tune your desktop monitor in the video! 

Frank asks, "Have you looked at's Core? Could you cover the online IDE? P.S. so happy you two are back online :)" Shannon's ready to get hacking with's tools... find out why in the video!

@morisbayar tweets: "What do you think about Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 at home? Is it worth to spend thousands of $ and upgrade from 7.1?" Watch the video to learn more!

Build or Buy A New PC? 

Kathleen asks: Does it make any sense to build desktops anymore, or is it now cheaper to just buy one? Shannon compares gaming PC builds from vs. pre-built systems from big PC companies. (Check out her builds on!)

How Do Online Video Shows Make Money? 

John writes, "Hi, it’s great seeing you guys back on Tekthing!  In light of your new support model through Patreon, it would be interesting to learn more details about it, as well as how other tech shows and sites (Cnet, TWIT, etc.) are supported and how each support model works.  Thanks for putting on (and continuing!) one of the best tech shows out there.

Close The Screen!

Hey! Go do something analog! Like checking out the Spy Museum in Washington DC!