Make Lastpass More Secure With 2 Factor Authentication! My First Quadcopter: Hubsan vs. Air Hogs vs. Parrot AR Drone. YouTube Kills Flash. Eggcyte Egg Saves Photos...


Eggcyte Egg Saves Photos. Make Lastpass More Secure! My First Quadcopter: Hubsan vs. Air Hogs vs. Parrot AR Drone. YouTube Kills Flash!

Today on TekThing, Shannon Morse and Patrick Norton check out the best "starter" drones. Plus, setting up LastPass with two factor authentication and how to get Google Play on your Amazon Fire Phone... and a lot more! 

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Eggcyte's Egg

Run out of space on your camera or phone when you travel? Want a battery powered webserver that can run inside your pocket? Check out Eggcyte's Egg!

YouTube's Buries Flash for HTML 5

Google just hammered another nail in the coffin o' Flash video, now  defaults to HTML 5. Find out why in the video! 

$50 Misfit Flash Will Control Nest, Harmony Remote... 

There's not much to the Misfit Flash fitness band, but it's getting some cool upgrades that will make it a remote control for your Nest thermostat, Harmony remotes, locks, and more

Drunk Crashes Drone On White House Lawn?!?

From the that was stupid department... somebody got drunk and crashed a DJI Phantom onto the White House lawn. Que quad flights being banned in DC.

Rapid Fire Roundup: My First Quadcopter

Patrick (and his son) have been testing drones. Er, RC quadcopters... check out our high speed reviews of the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0, Air Hogs Helix X4 Stunt, and the Hubsan X4 H107L. Lots of options here from $40-$300, but we think one is a much better choice to learn on!

Make LastPass More Secure With 2 Factor Authentication!

Samuel writes“I noticed that LastPass has drives/devices that you can plug into your computer to enable 2 factor authentication. These all come with a premium subscription to Last Pass. Are these my only options or are there third party devices that work with Last Pass?" Shannon walks you through the options, including the Yubikey Premium Neo, and free alternatives. 

Google Play Apps On Amazon Fire Phone

Kola writes: "I bought a Black Friday  Amazon Unlocked Fire phone. I love the specs but the "Fire" apps NOT so much.. What is the safest way to add the ability to use google play apps AND amazon "Fire" apps on a Fire phone?" Here's how to get Google Play on your Amazon Kindle Fire!

Do something analog... like Exploding Kittens!!! 

PostedJanuary 30, 2015

Author Patrick Norton

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