TekThing 70: The Best SSD, GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub, Reuse That Old Power Supply, 8TB HD, Hackintosh Help!

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Internet Of Gardens???
The GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub takes the place of your home's irrigation controller and can wirelessly control your sprinkler system or your lights, Parrot's Flower Power measures moisture, fertilizer, and temperature and talks to your phone via Bluetooth, "Hey, that plant needs more sunlight!" (It integrates with the GreenIQ, too.) And if you're looking for a black thumb proof way to grow herbs in your home, you'll want to learn more about  the Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden does... so watch the video! 

Reuse That Old PSU! 
@duckwithglasses tweets, "@patricknorton @TekThing heres my @FreeNASTeam external expansion on the cheap. Server drive cage and 2nd hand PSU." Nice NAS! Want to get your DIY on? There is so much fun to be had w/  w/ old PSUs, check Make's DIY Bench Power Supply (here's an Instructables guide), Sparkfun has a Benchtop Power Board Kit. Also, remember the Paperclip Trick, and if that's too sketch, check the AntMiner Supply Jumper Switch, ATX Power Supply Bridge Jumper On/Off Switch, or Antrons 24 Pin Jump Starter!

Best SSDs, 8TB HD, and Latency Percentile!
PCPer's storage expert, Allyn Malventano joins us to talk about WD's new 8TB drives for consumers, and just exactly what the Helium inside them does, the new Samsung 850 EVO SSDs, and why we don't have to worry about the speed of 48 (V3) Layer Flash, explains the new Latency Percentile tests, and, yes, lets you know what SSD you should be buying! 

Hackintosh Help? 
@maleticresearch tweets @tekthing, "Hackintosh build? Cheap Hackintosh hardware build eq to MacMini, no size restriction to MacMini size advice? Thanks, keep thingin" Getting non-Apple hardware to run OS X? First hit Tonymacx86.com... and if that's a bit overwhelming, there's a lot there, try Lifehacker's The Always Up-to-Date Guide to Building a Hackintosh!

Organizing Your Photos
Denis emailed ask@tekthing.com, "Big fan of you both from TechTV and Evil Server days. So I've decided to get organized with backing up my photos. I have decided with you advice to use Crashplan for my automated backup. My problems comes from how i should organize my pictures. I started to divide the pictures into subfolders like Graduations, Birthday etc. But it now has gotten out of hand. Is there a better way to organize pictures?" Yup. We've got the info for ya in the video! 

Do Something Analog
And remember ... once in a while... put down the phone, step away from the screen, close the laptop... and do something analog, like try a new recipe!!! And if that seems daunting, the 4 Hour Chef has some lovely thoughts on this, and on learning in general. (You will not be done w/ it in hour hours.)