TekThing 52: $5 Pi Zero Hands On! Tech Projects For New Years, 3 Free Apps That Recover Lost Data, Is WhatsApp Secure?

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Happy New Year!
Happy almost new year!!! We pre-recorded this episode, so if something huge went down… we’ll talk about it the first week in January while we’re at CES! Got a CES question? Email ask@tekthing.com, or tweet @snubs or @patricknorton
New Years Projects!
So if CES 2016 is almost here, we’re looking at the end of 2015… and it’s time for some tech resolutions. Or New Years projects. How about 5 things you can do to make your digital life sooooo much easier in 2016! Watch the video to find out what they are! (Oh, and you need a scanner for that one project, here's The Wirecutter's Best Cheap Scanner pick!)
3 Free Hard Drive Recovery Tools: 
Accidentally erased a file? Find out why Shannon puts Recuva, Glary Undelete, and TestDisk on her short list of file recovery tools everybody should have on hand! 
$5 Raspberry Pi Zero Hands On: 
While Patrick was waiting for the $9 CHIP PC to ship, the Raspberry Pi Zero arrived! We go hands on and get it running in the video... Is it slow? Is it really that tiny? How'd they make it that small? (Hint, it's a lot smaller in a headless network-free configueration... BTW, Adafruit's USB to TTL serial cable would be -really useful for that!) 
Run Your Pi Off A Hard Drive: 
Speaking of Pi, Ron says,  "SD cards have a limited read/write lifespan so I had an old 20gig laptop drive laying around and using "dd" copied the image from the SD card to the hard drive.  With a USB adapter it is now running Ubuntu with a hard drive swap partition on the hard drive and the Micro SD card is just used for the boot strap." Cool! 
Is WhatsApp Secure? 
Nick writes, "At one point I had been led to believe that WhatsApp was secure end to end communication, so I started using that with friends and family because I appreciate the concept of personal privacy and Big Brother not needing to pry into my private life.  I don't know if that was true at one time or never true, but now I am hearing that it is not true end to end and the current owners (Facebook) can mine that data like they do everything else.  What alternatives would you recommend?" Watch the video! 
Core i5 or Core i7? 
@PaulPStowe tweets, "@patricknorton @Snubs @TekThing  would you recommend an i5 or i7 processor in a laptop for editing gopro videos? #GoPro #videoeditor" Watch the video to find out! 
Do Something Analog! 
Go celebrate New Year's!