TekThing 10: Best Free VPNs, What To Do When You Lose Your Phone, FreeNAS vs. Drobo, New MacBook, MORE!

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HBO Now, New MacBook! Updates from Apple this week: the new MacBook has one port (and comes in Gold!), the Apple Watch is a work in progress, and, hey now, Apple TV gets HBO Now streaming before any other box! 
What To Do When You Lose Your Android Phone: A friend of our lost their Android phone, Shannon's got the step on what to do. Hint, you'll want to backup, and get busy with the 
Android Device Manager, and Google Authenticator -BEFORE- you lose it!
$40 Backpack: @mininessie tweets "do either of you know of a good electronics backpack for cellphone laptop and more around 30-40 dollars" Patrick talks GoRuck, Urban Operator, and Amazon Basics... of of 'em is priced just right!
FreeNAS vs. Drobo: @renefcbwong0012 tweets "can freenas replace my drobo n give the same features as drobo?" It kinda depends on which Drobo features you value the most!
$500 Subwoofer: @ScottDulgarian tweets "Which subwoofer for $500? polk 550wi, SVSPB1000, Velodyne impact or other? using B&W inwall" Lots of good subs on this list, tho Patrick's personal fave comes from Hsu Research... and saving up for one of Bowers & Wilkins in wall subwoofers is tempting!
Best Free VPN? @Omar_Rasool tweets @tekthing "What are some of the best free VPN's?" We invited Lifehacker's Deputy Editor Alan Henry on to answer this one, he's got some great suggestions, free, paid, and DIY!
You Can Stream To Multiple Chromecasts Simultaneously! Christopher says check out Airparrot 2, you can stream audio, even "the same video feed to multiple Chromecasts with this software or something different to each one. I am currently testing this as a cheap solution for digital signage and have displayed to 5 tv's simultaneously." Apparently it works for Apple TVs and AirPlay devices, too. Thanks Christopher!
Build Or Buy A New PC??? @bogointeractive tweets "Would you still build your own machine or buy prebuilt. I ask this as my Dell is crapping out." 1) Yes! 2) We got into it pretty in depth in Episode 3. 3) Shannon's about to build a new Gaming Rig, check out the parts on PCPartPicker