TekThing 14: Bootable Windows 8 Live Drives, Chrome Privacy Extensions, Wired Over 300 Feet and More

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The White House Hacked?!? It's true... we explain how -you- can avoid getting spearphished they way they did!
Big Week For Apple: MacBooks ship, Watch pre-orders start... and HBO Now!
HBO Now: Patrick's got an HBO Now mini review... the big test will be Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere this Sunday!
New ROKU Boxes! The Roku 2 and 3 get updates... speed, The Feed, and voice search. Find out more in the video!
TiVo Drops Video Podcasts... along with YouTube and Amazon Instant. Derp. There is an alternative TiVo tool for watching your videos, tho. 
Star Wars Goes Digital? Actually, it's coming to all the streaming services
Best Chrome Extensions For Privacy: Want to keep your browsing private? Shannon talks AdBlock Plus, HTTPS Everywhere, Ghostery, and uBlock in this week's Rapid Fire Round... including which ones you should -or shouldn't- run simultaneously!
Make a Windows 8 Portable Live Drive: Want to boot your Win8 install from an external USB drive? Shannon talks installation vs. bootable drive, and gets detailed on how to make it work!
300 Feet Away, Ethernet or WiFi? Dan wrote in, ""I've found out the hard way that wifi doesn't pass through metal skinned buildings very well. Because of that I have decided to hardware my garage and barn(shop) to the house. What cable can be used cat5 or cat6?" Patrick loves digging ditches, but he's thinking Ubiquiti Nanobeam... and, boy, did Twitter offer up a ton of ideas, from 6e to WiFi to Fiber!
Cherry Blossom Festival! Do something analog people... you might now have a Cherry Blossom Festival near you, but we bet there's something gorgeous y'all can go see!