TekThing 29: Ethernet Beats WiFi, Tech Travel Gear, Password Lock Folders, Power Conditioners!

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Power Conditioners & UPSs:
Matthew posted on Facebook,  "What's your opinion on power conditioners and backup power supplies like a UPS? I live in a large apartment building and was thinking a power conditioner for my home theater wouldn't be a bad idea.The wind is enough to knock out our power and when they turn on the backup generator it only powers the kitchen." We talk power conditioners (Robert Heron reccos the APC LE1200 Line-R or the Tripp Lite LC1200 Line Conditioner), surge protection, and why a UPS isn't the same as an emergency power supply in the video!
3 Tech Travel Accessories: Wondering what Shannon always packs before she hits the road? She talks about Anker's 40W 5-Port High Speed Desktop USB Charger, the Fitbit ChargeHR, and Conair's Travel Smart All-In-One Adapter and Converter in the video! 
Screw WiFi, Run Ethernet: Bradley's "been toying with the idea of networking my home. I’ve gone through routers, firmware (Gargoyle was great) and range extenders. But I just prefer an Ethernet connection. I’ve read good and bad about CCA Ethernet, cat5e vs cat6, yes or no to PoE,  and in the end I’m still feeling like Jon Snow." We've got tons of Ethernet info in the video!
Run Conduit!!! Peter says, "Do NOT put bare wire in a crawl space.  Put it in PVC conduit!" Find out why in the video.
Password Lock Windows Folders: JY from Los Angeles writes, "I have an external hard drive and want to set a password on a folder before opening it." Shannon talks Folder Lock, and explains why How-to-Geek's How to Create a Password Protected Folder might not be the most secure idea. 
Do Something Analog: Patrick's a big fan of tidepooling with the kids!