2017: CES, VR, & Android Predictions, FooVR, Break Comcast's 1TB Data Cap, Fix Your Passwords! -- TekThing 104

What to expect at CES 2017, VR & Android Predictions, How FooVR Gets Made, Is Comcast's 1 TB Data Cap Alert Broken??? Fix Your Passwords!

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Comcast Terabyte Data Cap Problems??? Heads up, Comcast's Usage Meter alerts for the 1 TB data cap might not be working. Here's what happens if you exceed the cap
CES 2017 What We’re Looking Forward To Reminder!! We’re having a meetup! We're not super excited about LG's PJ9 levitating Bluetooth speaker, fortunately, we should see some new phones from LG and more gorgeous OLED HDTVs, , more CPU info from AMD and Intel,  the end of 1080p, Foldimate's laundry folding robot, IoT gear and Smart Homes that work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple's Siri, Selfie Drones, and much more. Check the video!
Android Predictions for 2017! When we think Android phones, one of our  favorite people to geek out about them with is Myriam Joiretnkgrl on Twitter, who specializes in mobile tech. What's coming in Android in 2017? Watch the video and check out her Youtube channel!
THREATWIRE Security Brief Our first THREATWIRE Security Brief? Better password management! Let's make 2017 a better year for security than 2016!
VR Predictions for 2017! FooVR's creator Will Smith joins us to talk VR in 2017: wondering if the gear will gear get cheaper, if VR's still in its infancy, the best games, and how Will's FooVR makes a VR show that goes -inside- the games? Watch the video! 
Do Something Analog Like Ozzy, who rode her bike on Route 66 from Chicago to LA! And when Ozzy says bike, she means, hog, as in a full dresser Harley Davidson. That looks like a great adventure!!!  
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