TekThing 63: GPU Picks, GDC Goes VR, Odroid C2 Beats Raspberry Pi? Pigment vs Dye Inkjets, Better VPN Security!

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Game Developer Conference
The GDC is rolling this week, VR is gonna be big (duh), and Microsoft launched cross platform play “between Xbox One and Windows 10 games that use Xbox Live” and wants devs to bridge games to other console and PC networks! Psyonix Rocket League will be one o' the first. Woot!
GPU Picks! 
We've got great cards for gaming from $100 on up, talk why most folks don't need to spend more than $300 at most, why VR headsets are changing that, and why you don't need AMD's new Radeon Duo Pro. Or Nvidia's GTX Titan X! (But, hey, if you want to spend $1500 on one o' those cards, goferit!)
ODROID-C2 vs. Pi
Carl writes, “Hey Patrick and Shannon, I love your show.  I was wondering if you've looked at the new ODROID-C2 and how it compares to the Raspberry Pi 3.  For only $5 more I think the ODROID-C2 could be a better option for many people, what do you think?" Watch the video to find out!
Dye vs. Pigment Inkjets
Kevin's buying a new printer, and says, "My only concern is that it is dye based. I was already planning on using refillable ink cartridges or a CISS but I was wondering how well it would work with pigment based inks." Pigment based inks will fade less and don't smear, but there are reasons why most inkjets are dye based!
Google = Skynet
Just saying... autonomous vehicles, torturing robots, and now “Google’s AI Wins Fifth And Final Game Against Go Genius Lee Sedo”    
Cheap Quadcopter Pick!
Justin writes, "I am under constant pressure from the munchkins in my life to buy them some of the el cheapo drones that you find for $15 to $40 at various stores.  Are these things actually decent or as I suspect will they quickly stop working, break, etc..  Also, I assume they can't be easily repaired if they do break?  Sorry if my question forces one or both of you out into a field somewhere for testing purposes." Oh, we've done the field testing... gofer a Hubsan X4, and make sure to buy extra batteries and a crash pack! (Propellers... you want lots of propellers.)
Credit Card Security Tip
A cool tip from Bob, “For the best credit card security, use virtual account numbers for online/phone purchases. The virtual credit card number is tied to a vendor's id.   You can set a limit and expiration date.  When there is a suspected/confirmed security breach at a vendor, Citibank deactivates the virtual card numbers for that vendor and doesn't have to issue you a new card because the vendor never has your “real” credit card number, expiration date and ccv." Find out more in the video! 
Better VPN Security
“Hi Guys - I enjoyed your VPN segment and I would like to suggest that any VPN service you might want to use should provide a way to disconnect programs in the event of a dropped connection.. Regardless of how or why you use a VPN, legal or not, auto disconnect will provide an additional layer of protection and peace of mind." Thanks Roland! BTW, check out
That One Privacy Guy's VPN Comparison Chart, thanks to Lifehacker for the heads up!
Do Something Analog! 
Get the food dye, make some green beer, and check out a local St. Patrick’s Day parade!!! Send us your analog picks and we’ll share them on the show!