TekThing 68: Anonabox PnP TOR & VPN, WeBoost Eqo, Online Accounting Software, Android Music Apps, Cheap USB Fix!

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Anonabox Hands On!
Plug & play anonymous browsing over TOR? Anonabox has a tiny Linux powered device, the Anonabox Original, that promises to make TOR foolproof. Is that worth $80? Can you trust the HideMyAss VPN Anonabox is partnered with? How about Anonboxes VPN tools like the Tunneler and Pro? We've got answers in the show! 

WeBoost Eqo Cell Phone Booster
Is your cell phone signal reaaaaaly bad? We tested weBoost's Eqo cell phone booster to see if make we cell connections work. Find out what happened in the video! 3 Online Accounting Options

QuickBooks Alternatives!
Shannon figured we should look at online accounting alternatives to QuickBooks, you know, whil the pain of Tax Season is still fresh. Watch the video to find out why FreshBooks, Xero, Waveapps, (And Zoho, Bench.co, and Mint.com) might be worth using if you're a small business looking for a better way!Dollar Store USB Repair!

Thriftiest Viewer o' the Week???
Ron writes, “I saw your thing about micro USB cables, here is what I did."  Find out about Ron's $1.07 fix in the video! 

Your Multi-Page Doc Scanner Recco!
Tons of y'all recommended a document scanner for multiple pages that seems to work much better than the ones we've had experience with... find out why Jason likes the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Mobile Document Scanner so much in the video!

Best Android Music Player? 
Igor writes, "Can you please recommend some apps for an Android phone for listening to music?" Yup! Find out why Shannon prefers Google Music in the show... and Patrick's got another half dozen Android music players you can check out, too! Do Something Analog

Do Something Analog!
And remember ... once in awhile... put down the phone, step away from the screen, close the laptop... and do something analog, like take a Photowalk and test out your skillz!