TekThing 75: Walabot: Handheld X-Ray Vision? Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition Review, H.265 On Raspberry Pi, Enpass!

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Walabot: 3D imaging IN YOUR HAND?!?  
A few years ago FLIR and Seek Thermal dropped $250 adapters that turned your phone into a thermal imaging tool... now Vayyar technologies has launched Walabot, handheld 3D sensor technology based on RF imaging first built to detect breast cancer, and now available on your phone. Is it X-ray vision to see through walls? Watch the video and find out! 

H.265 HEVC Video Decoding on Raspberry Pi 3? 
Angry Mosfet writes, "My Samsung smart TV does not support x265 codec which is gaining popularity recently so I thought of adding a Raspberry Pi 3 for that purpose, hence my question: is this tiny thing able to playback 1080p high bitrate bluray rips in x265?." We explain why HEVC/H.265 is so popular, how it runs (and could run), and alternative hardware "If Pi boards are expensive where you live." 

Google Drive App For Linux???
Fred writes, "About change over my laptop over to Linux after the school year. I'm going to use Xubuntu as my OS but I realize google drive has no Linux support. What can I do? I have 200 GB of free storage for 2 years of google drive and I like to keep using it." We have a ton of options for you in the video, including the website workaround, unofficial drive clients, and an alternative that's Linux friendly!

Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition Review
Speaking of Linux, Shannon has a hands on review of Dell's XPS 13 Developer Edition... does having the factory install Linux make for a better experience? Do you get more memory than the average XPS? Watch the video to find out! 

Check Out Enpass! 
In response to our password manager episode, Jeff emailed: "I wanted to also suggest Enpass. It stores local only, but supports encrypted syncing with every major cloud service. It also does password generation, has fields and categories for absolutely everything, is customizable, and has browser plugins for major browsers. The desktop app is free. Mobile apps are about $10. No subscription fees, and it supports Linux, windows, OSX, Android, iOS, windows phone, blackberry and probably more." We've got more info on Enpass in the show! 

Do Something Analog!
And remember ... once in a while... put down the phone, step away from the screen, close the laptop... and do something analog, like try a new cheese!!!