Fastest All-in-One Ever: Dell Inspiron 7000 Ryzen 1700! Toto's Toilet Tech, Best RAID for NAS! -- TekThing 153

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Tech Toilets! Steve's Mom will be recovering from heart surgery, will have movement restrictions, and he's "Looking into 1 of those electronic toilet seats that act as a bidet. This appears to be the best solution for that particular problem." They're called "washlets" in the US, and Shannon noticed that Toto is the only brand used in Japan. We talk bidet options, air drying, heated seats, nightlights and automatic lids, and more in the video! 
Net Neutrality Yes, we're pro Net Neutrality. We -briefly- explain why in the show, and, please, if you agree with us, take a few minutes to reach out. We recommend, it makes it easy to join in the fight for a free and open Internet! (And here's a link to the Net Neutrality Gadsden flag we showed on air.)
Dell Inspiron 7000 All in One Patrick loves All in One PCs, and Dell's newest Inspiron 7000 AIO is the fastest he's ever used. Why? The AMD Ryzen 1700 CPU and AMD Ryzen 580 GPU! Find out how it compares to the XPS 27 AiO, upgrade options, why the 7000 is probably a better pick for power users, and the $999 entry level model in the video! 
Restaurant Tech in Japan! Shannon just got back from Japan and was, once again, amazed by the tech... this time, she says, "I'd like to focus on restaurant technology!" Watch the video to find out how getting dinner is a little different in Japan, why SUICA or PASSMO cards are so useful, and how they can be used to track what you've done! 
Which RAID Level For My NAS??? Brent writes, "I've got a new NAS on the way (QNAP TS-453A) and I don't know what RAID level to use. I plan on filling it with four 4TB drives and am primarily concerned with the ability to replace drives in order to increase the capacity in the future." We talk RAID 0, 1, 5, and 6 (and why 6 is so robust), and which one you should use in the video! 
NAS RAID Rebuild Times? How long does it take to rebuild a raid when you've lost (or upgrade) a hard drive? How long do Backblaze, SpiderOak, and iDrive take to back up a Terabyte from your NAS? Answers are in the video! 
Do Something Analog!  And remember ... once in awhile... put down the phone, step away from the screen, close the laptop... and do something analog, like Patrick’s friends Jason and Paul, who race down in Baja when they’re not fighting fires in Snowmass, CO!
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