YubiKey 4C USB-C! Max Smartphone Battery Life, $7 Sabrent USB Audio Adapter, WiFi On Airplane? --TekThing 111

YubiKey 4C USB-C! Max Smartphone Battery Life, $7 Sabrent USB Audio Adapter, WiFi On Airplane, Audioquest DragonFly Black!
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Is WiFI Legal on Airplanes/SmartPhone Battery Life! Bobby writes, "I’d like to use my WiFi hard drive to share video with my family while we are in the air. Can i do this? Would the airlines care that I’m streaming over WiFi?" Answers in the video, but our big concern is battery life, for that hard drive and your devices... check the WireCutter's epic article on extending battery life! (Headphone splitters and 3 way outlet splitters are useful, too!)
YubiKey 4C USB-C Review Shannon's been using YubiKey's 4C Universal 2nd Factor keys to secure her accounts for year, they're way more secure than SMS. Today she reviews the newest YubiKey, the first ever USB-C authentication device, then shows you how to use it with LastPass!  
Sub $50 USB Sound Card? Michael H. from MI writes, "I am looking for a decently priced USB sound card to replace the somewhat broken headphone jack in my laptop, and to get better sound out of my computer for streaming videos. What would you recommend for a budget price range (under $50)?" We review Sabrent's $7 external audio adapter, then explain what you gain buying a better adapter like the AudioQuest DragonFly Black (or, if you want a volume knob, the Shiit Fulla 2 or Fulla.) 
Vizio Is Tracking You! This week's Threat Wire Security Brief: What out what data Vizio TV's have been gathering and selling to advertisers without your permision! (Vizio just paid a $2.2 million dollar fine to end the related lawsuit.)  Info on how to turn off Vizio's "Smart Interactivity" in the video.
More Love For OneNote! Mark writes, "I am a little surprised with how little attention you gave OneNote on your show. First, it is free, second native apps are on most devices..." We've got some OneNote love in the video! 
Do Something Analog! Like learn how to brew beer. We've got pictures in the video!!! 
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