AMD Radeon RX 580 vs GTX 1060! Logitech G413 Gaming Keyboard, Pi-Hole vs. OpenDNS, UPDATE WINDOWS!!! -- TekThing 121

Logitech G413 Gaming Keyboard, Pi-Hole vs. OpenDNS, AMD Radeon RX 580 vs GTX 1060, UPDATE WINDOWS NOW!!!
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AMD RX 500 Series GPUs Is this the fastest GPU from AMD? PCPer's Ryan Shrout joins us to talk Nvida Titan XP, and how AMD's new Radeon 580 compares to Nvidia's 1060! 
Pi-Hole vs. OpenDNS Sunny writes, "I was wondering if you could look into an open source product called Pi-hole." She currently uses "OpenDNS and am a very happy customer of it but wanted to see if you could possibly do a comparison." We explain the differences between a Raspberry Pi-Hole and OpenDNS in the video! 
Logitech G413 Mechanical Switch Gaming Keyboard Review We love keyboards, and we love modestly priced mechanical keyboards for gaming even more! A full review of Logitech’s G413 Mechanical Backlit Gaming Keyboard Silver and its Romer-G keys is in the video.
Update Windows Now! In this week's Threat Wire, Shannon talks about the latest security patches from Microsoft, and the big Shadow Brokers NSA hacking tools dump! (Here's the link for more Threat Wire videos!)
Do Something Analog... Like Peter, who wrote, "This is what I did for something analog.  I shoveled snow!  One once, not twice, not thrice, but six total times across two days," and sent a photo of the piles of snow he's been fighting. Thanks, Peter! 
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