Worlds Best Keyboard? Ubuntu Windows App. Net Neutrality. HD or NAS, 3 Free tools find where your ‘Net is slow! --TekThing 133

Ubuntu… it’s in the Windows Store. Net Neutrality… we’re under 60 days. HD or NAS, tools to find out why your ‘Net is slow, model F keyboards, and MOAR
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Eclipse Prep The Eclipse is coming... don't wait too late to order glasses, and, yes, we're working on Solar photography with cell phones! 
Ubuntu. The Windows Store App Yup, Ubuntu Linux is a Windows app now, but it's a little tricky to install. Find out why (and how) in the video! 
Net Neutrality Fight Net Neutrality… is pretty much dead and gone in 60 days, but we're still stoked about the protest on July 12th. Find out why in the video.   
SSD/HD… why not SSD/NAS? CJ wrote, "I used to do the smaller SSD for programs and larger HDD for data but ever since I built my NAS I've been using just SSDs in my systems. I know you both have mentioned having a NAS so I'm curious why you don't recommend moving data off of the system to the NAS and using a smaller SSD for the system?" Our answers in the video! 
Ping, Traceroute, MTR Want to find out why a website (or everything) on your Internet is running slow? Three tools can help tons: Ping, Traceroute, and MTR. We show how to use 'em, Shannon adds a Netstat demo on Linux (and mentions Wireshark). is the place to get WinMTR for Windows, and Linode has help analyzing MTR results!
Drone Registration Deletion Is A PITA Drone registration has been struck down by the courts... but you're gonna have to jump through some hoops to get your information deleted off the website and your $5 back! 
New Model F Keyboards Crashbox tweets, "@patricknorton I'm assuming you've already seen this and laid your money down," with a link to project to produce -new- Model F keyboards, the legendary predecessor to the Model M. We discuss what makes 'em great in the video. (For Model M, check:,, and, yes, Unicomp still makes new buckling spring keyboards!)
Do Something Analog Like Jack who writes, "My something analog today was relaxing on the back porch before dinner." Jack's view is pretty epic! 
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