You Can Make Eclipse Glasses! Block Elcomsoft Password Manager Crack, G-SYNC Gaming! -- TekThing 138

Cereal Box Beats $50 Eclipse Glasses, Download Google Maps, Elcomsoft Password Manager Crack, G-Sync Gaming Tested!
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Eclipse Photography! Eclipse 2017 is almost here!!! Shannon built a camera filter for solar photography with a SIOTI modular filter holder, a solar sheet, plus some tape and cardboard. Where do you attach the filter? How big will the sun look in the photo with a 240mm lens? A 1000mm lens? Find out in the video!
Don't Have Eclipse Glasses? We bought eclipse glasses early... if you can't find any, we've got links to check at Amazon, what to look for in your local welding shop, why the welding glasses at the big box store won't work, and, hey, if you have a cereal box, a couple of Pringles cans, or paper for a pinhole projector... you can safely view the eclipse! 
AMD Radeon Vega AMD's new Radeon Vega 64 is on sale and the Vega 64 and 56 have finally been benchmarked! How do they fare against NVIDIA's GTX 1080Ti, 1080, and 1070? Watch the video to find out! 
G-SYNC GAMING Alienware sent us their new 25" 1080p G-SYNC monitor, aka the AW2518H. We've never tested G-SYNC (or AMD's FreeSync) or a 240Hz monitor before! We walk you through what G-SYNC does to fix screen tearing, which cards support it, and how to set it up in the video!
Download Google Maps Patrick uses Navigon on his phone to get directions in places where there's no cell phone coverage... find out how you can download Google Maps to do the same thing for free in the video! 
Fire Maps Never traveled in the West during the summer? You might not have checked a fire map: The Oregonian has a slick one for the whole US, you can check official state maps for Oregon, California, Idaho... you get the idea! 
Password Managers Cracked?!? Bai Shen tweeted out a link to @aprilwright tweeting about Elcomsoft's blog post, "We’ve just updated Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery with the ability to break master passwords" including 1Password, KeePass, LastPass and Dashlane." Find out how to keep anybody from breaking into your password manager in the video. 
Do Something Analog Like Barry, who's having a little trouble hanging up a new hammock... watch the video to see what happened! 
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