Logitech Craft Keyboard Review, CCleaner Hacked: Fix or Replace It, Video Editing PC Parts! -- TekThing 143

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CCleaner Alternatives: BleachBit CCleaner got hacked... we explain how to fix it, and have an Open Source replacement/alternative, BleachBit, in the video! 
SD Memory Card Formatter 5.0 It does one thing, but SD Memory Card Formatter does it perfectly on Mac or Windows... we love this utility! 
Logitech Craft Wireless Keyboard Logitech has a new keyboard for creatives, the Logitech CRAFT Advanced Keyboard. Does adjusting Premiere and Photoshop settings with the rotating crown (creative input dial) justify the $199 price tag? Watch the video for our review!
Building A Video Editing PC Angry Mosfet needs a video editing PC and writes, "Some say I need the best CPU, some say that all of the RAM is most important, others claim that GPU power is very important as well. Which is it then? All of it?" We explain how we would build one in the video (Deffo check PCPer's Leaderboard!), and suggest Angry check the benchmarks in Puget Systems "Recommended Systems for Adobe Premiere Pro."
I Backed Up!!! HappyHacker emailed ask@tekthing.com, "Guess what? My SSD just went stiff on me about a week after your last backup prompt episode. I do keep my backups up to date, but just for the sake of it, I decided to backup after I watched the show. Who would've thought :)" Have you backed up today??? 
Fixing A Dead Synology NAS OK, Shannon's  Synology DS416slim wasn't dead, but it started continually beeping and wouldn't let her log in. Was it fixable? Did she lose any data? Watch the video to find out... and, Pro Tip here, make sure you find out what resetting your NAS does -before- you reset it! 
Do Something Analog Like Patrick, who climbed in and out of all the ships and submarines at the Maritime Museum of San Diego... pictures in the video! 
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