Fire TV Cube Review, Is Windows Defender Enough AV? Don’t Forget VMware & Virtualbox for Linux!!! TekThing 183

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Is Windows Defender Enough??? Phil writes, "for several years bought Norton Antivirus for several machines. I am wondering if Windows Defender is more than capable of keeping my machines safe or should I continue paying 100+ dollars a year for Norton premium products. Safety is important to me as I run my business on my home pc." Answers in the video, and here are links to ratings and PCMag's reviews and discount pricing!
Fire TV Cube Review Amazon's Fire TV Cube packs Alexa voice control and a ton of IR blasters into a shiny $120 black cube. Does it work? Yes. Are there flaws? Some pretty big ones, especially if you already own an Apple TV or Roku. Watch the video to find out what they are.
Alternatives To Dual Booting Linux and Windows Paul and TheGrayArea wrote in to remind us that Virtual Machines would make it easy for Frank to experiment with Linux on his Windows PC. We talk VirtualBox and VMware in the video... and if you're experienced with vSphere or ESXi, email us to let us know what you think of 'em! 
BACK UP ALL THE THINGS We got a great tweet from @jasoncoe, “Thank you @patricknorton and @Snubs. Deleted something today I shouldn't have.  Pulled it from backups in seconds :) @TekThing” Go make sure you’re backing up, or at least drop the really critical files onto a thumb drive!!! OS crashes, dead hard drives, ransomeware, loss or theft… if you’re backing up, esp online (We use BackBlaze and SpiderOak), your data will be there for you!!! 
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Do Something Analog Like Sandrine, @wildtiger23, who tweeted, "When I'm not geeking or working... I'm doing some analogic activity on my spare time. I'm volunteering for the @SPCAMontreal a shelter for animals in Montréal, Québec, Canada @TekThing @tekthingshow @Snubs" Well done, Sandrine!
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