2.8 Pound Gaming Laptop: Huawei MateBook 13! Earbuds Under $100, USB Aromatherapy, SIM Card Hacks -- TekThing 214

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Huawei MateBook 13 Review Huawei's new 2.8 pound MateBook 13 is definitely gunning for Dell's XPS 13 and Apple's MacBook Air... and, oddly enough, given it’s optional Intel Core i7 Whiskey Late CPU and Nvidia MX150 GPU, Razer's Blade Stealth. Does it hang out the leaders? Can you run Rocket League or Fortnite on it? Is the 3:2 screen weird to use? Watch the video to find out!
Beyerdynamic Soul BYRD Earbuds Patrick has a lot of love for Beyerdynamics DT 770, DT 1770, and the LAGOON ANC wireless headphones that showed up at CES. Does their new $89 Soul BYRD, a tiny, low profile earbud - they call it an "Extra Flat Design" - stack up to our favorite under $100 in ears,  1More's Triple Driver and Periodic Audio's Mg??? Watch the video to find out! (And here’s a link to Comply’s foam tips!)
SIM Swapping Protections??? Ron’s worried about Sim Swaps being used to take over a phone number, “with the intention of accessing user logins, sites, data, etc.” Sound scary? It is. We talk about SIM card swaps, when they’re legit, and how they can be used to steal your phone number (and how to block that!) in the video!
VPN Kills Router Speed??? Ivor's running a VPN on his home router, the speeds are miserable, and the VPN provider says the router is too slow. Is this true? Probably… we explain why, discuss Intel’s AES-NI (which speeds things up), and suggest some routers that should help in the video!
Aromatherapy for Better Sleep??? Do you have a hard time getting to sleep and constantly wake up throughout the night? Sounds like Shannon, who’s been testing bedside oil diffusers and 100% pure natural lavender oil, “which has been shown to increase deep sleep cycles via aromatherapy.” Does it work? Learn more about InnoGear’s 2nd Gen Oil Diffuser and  Actpe Portable Travel size USB Oil Diffuser… (and if they work) in the video!
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