AMD Radeon VII Benchmarks!!! Google Password Checkup Review. Facebook Alternative!!! -- TekThing 216

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AMD Radeon VII: "What do you think of AMD's Radeon VII?" It’s a huge jump for AMD, and, well, we talk pricing vs. Nvidia’s 2070 and 2080 in the video, along with the Radeon VII’s gaming and work performance. Check the benchmarks at PCPer and TechGage… hint: if you live in Blender, you want this GPU. Meanwhile, new Nvidia GPU rumors are flying!
Google Password Checkup Worried about the security of your passwords? Google’s new Password Checkup, that compares your usernames and passwords to “over 4 billion credentials that” Google knows “have been compromised.” It’s built into a Chrome Extension, and checks as you log into sites. Does it work? Will Google store your passwords? Can you trust Google? Watch the video to find out!
Nvidia Now Supports FreeSync Marino vucko posted on YouTube, “For those who have Nvidia GPU 10** and 20** series, with newest drivers you can use FreeSync monitor as G Snyc. I have tested it yesterday with Asus Strix 1070 and it works perfectly!” Thanks, Marino! More deets in the video, and check out the Megalist of compatible monitors from Reddit, and PCWorld’s instructions on how to manually turn on Adaptive Sync!
Leaving Facebook David’s “decided to give up on Facebook and instagram.  I'm currently using Twitter but I really would like to find something where I can post semi-securely so that only people I want to see the posts and others can't without signing up,” and wants “a social media alternative that isn't selling everything to the highest bidder.” Shannon’s got some thoughts in the video, and talks about Mastodon. (Full review here.)
We found all the Composite Inputs!!! Last week Thomas emailed looking for a good gaming TV... Rowan emailed that his “Sony Bravia Android TV(Not Cheap) XBR-55X850D for the 4 HDMI connectors(all on the back). BUT WAIT it Also has COMPONENT and COMPOSITE CONNECTORS BUILT IN.” And then we found composite inputs on LG, TCL, and Vizio TVs, too!
No, 5Ge Is Not 5G… Stephen sent a picture of the “5Ge” logo on his iPhone XS and writes, “I didn’t know it had a 5G modem?! Is AT&T 5G spoofing again?” ATT doesn’t think so, and they do have a small 5G rollout. Sprint is so angry over it they’re suing ATT!
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Do Something Analog! Like Be a LOTR nerd in New Zealand! Shannon’s Ride of the Rohirrim in the Battle of Gondor in the video! (Props to the Lord of the Rings Tour!!!)
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