TekThing 43: Roku 4: Should You Upgrade? Surface Pro 4 Hands On, Elementary OS, DMCA Exemptions, HTPC Keyboard!

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Today's topics:
DMCA Exemptions: Every three years the Librarian of Congress  can grant  DRM-breaking rights... this time it's cars, games, phones, tablets, and remixing DVDs and Blu-rays. Cory Doctorow has a great analysis on BoingBoing.
Elementary OS: We get hands on with the Elementary OS, talk about the joys (HA!) of installing Linux, why Secure Boot can be a pain, and what's up with Ubuntu 15.10 Wiley Werewolf.
SteamOS: It's gonna be here soon, Phoronix has some great stuff to read, including the 22-Way Comparison Of NVIDIA & AMD Graphics Cards On SteamOS For Steam Linux Gaming and Is SteamOS Any Faster Than Ubuntu 15.10 Linux???
Surface Pro 4: Patrick's been using Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 for a few days, watch the video to get the scoop on the workhorse tablet PC. 
Roku 4 Review: Shannon's been working the Roku 4 overtime for the past few days... find out if you should upgrade from your Roku 3... and why 4K HDTV owners will love it. (And, yes, it's still for sale on Amazon.     
One Box To Stream Them All: Gavin writes, "I am looking for a 'one box' solution for my TV which can stream Google Play Movies, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix to save having to constantly connect my windows laptop." We've got a recco in the video! 
Hibernate Linux? Mike writes, "I'm sorta new to Linux, and am running a Debian server in my basement to experiment with.  I don't need it running all the time, I would like it to automatically hibernate or power off when left unused for a while. I don't use a graphical desktop like Gnome, so it needs to be separate from the Desktop environment." There's more info in the video on how to configure Hibernate and Suspend.
Favorite Wireless Keyboard? "What is your favorite wireless keyboard for a HTPC? How does it communicate with your HTPC (IR, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc)? Did the keyboard come with some kind of USB adapter to give your HTPC that capability? My HTPC doesn't have IR or bluetooth built in. If the keyboard doesn't come with some kind of USB adapter what would you buy to add that capability to a HTPC?" We've got answers for Bill in the video. (Hint: check out Logitech's K400, and K830.)
Can Lenovo Be Trusted? John writes, "Would you buy a Lenovo product given the company's seeming disregard of customers' security; i. e., Superfish and the update system?  Can it ever be trusted?" Shannon and Patrick get real honest on this one in the show.! (Here's a link to the Superfish Removal tool JIC you need it.) 
Do Something Analog: Visit a haunted house!