TekThing 44: Apple TV 4, Nexus 6p & 5x Reviews! Black Friday SSD, Libreboot, Gaming Keyboard, Wipe Any SD Card!

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Today's Topics
OneDrive Shrinks: Microsoft's taken the unlimited storage out of OneDrive... and raised prices.
ChromeOS Ain't Dead: Chrome says it won't be folded into Android OS
Apple TV Review: Patrick goes hands on with the Apple TV, it's remote, the new apps, shows of what Siri actually does on TVOS, and quite a bit more in the video!
Three Awesome Utilities: Seriously, we can't live without f.lux, the SD Card Formatter, and RUFUS. Find out why in the video, along with what Speccy does, too!
Nexus 6p & 5x Review: We talked up the specs back in Episode 39, now Shannon's gone hands on with the new Nexus phones and Android Marshmallow 6.0, get her testing in the video! (Here's the link to the PhoneArena 6p benchmarks!)
Gaming Keyboards and Mice: Darren writes, "Just got into Mass Effect (8 years late) and was heartbroken to find the trilogy is only available for the graphically unimpressive Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles... And PC! Finally a reason for a Titan! Anyway, rather than endure the pathetic shooter game mechanic with a lame console controller - I'm interested in the ultimate keyboard/mouse peripherals to take my epic gaming rig from the desktop to the couch. What should I get?" We talk options from $30-$180, including the IBM Model M, DAS Keyboard, the Razer BlackWidow UltimateCM Storm DevastatorCorsair Vengeance K70Logitech G710+Roccat Kone XTD, Logitech G Series Mice, and Logitech G500s in the video!
Lenovo Malware Part 2: Yup, Lenovo put something weird and kinda rootkitty in the BIOS that automatically installed software on the machine for a few weeks. They've stopped, and recommend a new BIOS that doesn't do that... we talk it up on the show. Here's more info on the removal tool, and here's a list of machines it was installed on
Black Friday SSDs: Ben says, " I am running a 128GB OCZ Vertex 3 as my main OS drive....however, I am hitting the dreaded wall of limitations with this small 128GB drive. Black Friday is right around the corner now, do you anticipate prices to drop further than they are for the 256/512GB drives? I have had my eyes on a 256GB Samsung 850 EVO, but if prices are expected to drop even more I may go for a 512GB model instead." We talk Black Friday, SDDs, deals, and stuff to watch out for in the video!
Do Something Analog: Winter is coming... tune up your car!