TekThing 45: Fix Windows 10 w/ A Clean Install, Pick Your Smart Hub, Does Comcast's Unlimited Data Option Suck?

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Today's Topics
Where Is Everybody? They’re playing Fallout 4, or waiting for the OVER 26 gigabyte install on the PS4 and Xbox one so they can play Fallout 4... 
Clean Install Windows 10 The Easy Way: We talk about Windows 10 Refresh and Reset, and why it might be the perfect thing to freshen up your Win10 install... or clean out the bloatware on a new PC. It's a lot faster than downloading Windows 10 and running the Media Creation Tool... we'll talk about those soon. Don't forget to back up your files first!!! 
3 Awesome Geek Tools: Patrick's got three tools every geek should have in their toolbox... plus he sends some love to his Magnitizer/Demagnetizer.
Smart Home Help: Amaal writes in from Trinidad and Tobago, "I want to equip my home with smart plugs, light bulbs and security cams, but the industry for these things have exploded and my head is spinning from all the options. So basically can you breakdown what these hubs do (like the Samsung Smart Hub and WEMO...) and do I even need them?" Great question! We've got a big breakdown in the video, from explaining Zigbee and Z-Wave, plus some of our favorite picks for controlling your home (and why you might not love the experience of setting it up) Definitely read PCMag's roundup of Best Hubs for 2015
New Google Chromecast: Shannon finally got to test her new Google Chromecast. Find out if there's any real difference between the new lollipop versions and the old stick in the video!
Can I Mix RAM Flavors? Denise writes, "Just upgraded my RAM from 4gb (2x2gb) to 8gb (2x4gb). I was wondering if I should also use the original 2 sticks and have a total of 12gb of RAM. They have similar timings (8,8,8,24), however the voltage of the ram is different 1.5v and 1.6v. What do you think I should do? Will it even work? " We got tons of info on RAM mixing dos and don'ts in the video!
Comcast Data Cap: Frustrated With Caps writes, "My family and I keep busting straight through our data cap every month with Comcast. Is there anything we can do to breakdown/monitor which devices are the biggest culprits?" First up, Comcast's usually ignored how much data you consume... but that's changing with their New Data Usage Plans trials. They've even offering an Unlimited Data Plan we explain why in the video. Here's a link of the Trial Areas. How To Geek has a great article on  Monitoring Data Usage, and we've got tons more options in the show!
Speed Up Android: John-Paul writes, "The performance of my Nexus 7 has been horrible for a while now. I've tried removing all but the bare minimum of apps, clearing caches, and other suggestions I have googled. Does disabling stock Google apps like Currents, Google Books, Chrome, and so on actually do anything? We've got an answer in the video!
Something Analog: Go to a football game!!!