TekThing 47: Mini ITX Cases, Black Friday Deals, Headphone Amps, The Gift Of Tech, Pocket Tools, Amazon Hacked?

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Today's Topics
Change your Amazon Password: Your password probably wasn't exposed if you haven’t gotten an email. But change it anyway. Just in case. And turn on Amazon's Two Factor Authentication, too! 
Dell Cert Drama:  Some online pundits are calling it the New Superfish, but Dell's worked pretty fast to shut down a support tool with a weak root certificate fast. More info on the Dell Blog on how to remove the problem from your machine, and if you even had it. 
Black Friday Help! Shannon's usually traveling for Thanksgiving so she never has time to go to the stores... nor does she want to. She's found a way to get all the deal without leaving my home. She talks up her fave sites for bargain shopping, how to use Amazon tools to help you get the best deals,  why TheKrazyKouponLady.com is worth checking out, and, hey, you should checkout Lifehacker's list of pricewatching plugins that notify you of price drops! 
MiniITX Build? @jnooncaster tweeted “@patricknorton something you said on TWICH makes me ask is there a mini itx build in your future -- trying to find the right small case” Funny you should mention that… we just posed a Patreon Patrons Only Build with an  }}
ASUS Maximus VIII Impact and Thermaltake’s Core V1. A better choice for 240mm radiator on our H100iGTX liquid cooler (and only an inch or two bigger) would have been Corsair’s Obsidian 250D Mini ITX case. Patrick just pre-ordered  the TINY  NFC Systems S4 Mini Chassis... which will require a DC to DC PSU like the 250W HDPlex or  192W picoPSU. Can it handle a serious gaming GPU? Find out in the video!!! 
3 Techy Ways To Give Back: Shannon's got a very Thanksgiving Rapid Fire Round this week: 3 things you can do as a tech enthusiast that will give back to your local community during the holidays!
Pocket Tool??? RoadRage Jason tweets, “@patricknorton what was that pocket tool you pulled out on tek thing. Just curious.” That'd be Patrick's long suffering Leatherman Skeletool. Find out why he carries it everywhere in the video. 
Headphone Amp/DAC Reccos: Julian writes, "I have a pair of Sennheiser over ear Momentums I use with each my iPhone 5 , Macbook Air, or Denon 790 receiver. Would buying a portable DAC / headphone amp make a large difference?" Patrick talks DACs, headphone amps, why some headphones benefit from 'em more than others, his current fave, JDS Labs The Element.... and, more affordable options like CMoy DIY headphone amps (You can buy 'em, too.), the Objective 2 open source headphone amp, Audioquest's most excellent Dragonfly 1.2 USB DAC, HRT's dSP DAC/Amp for smartphones, and two more brands to keep an eye out for: Fiio and Schiit Audio
Lytro Illum Deals??? David writes, "I have been seeing some good deals lately on Field Cameras like the Lytro Illum. I do not know much about them (although I understand the concept of their operation). Is there a reason I wouldn't want to snap up these cameras?" We've got an answer in the video... spoiler, there's a reason the price has dropped from $1200 to $449
Do Something Analog: Try spending Thanksgiving with your phone -off- the whole time!