TekThing 48: 17 Holiday Travel Apps & Hacks, Raspberry Pi Invasion, Router Updates, Fix WiFi Fast, Add HDMI Ports

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Today's Topics
How Often Should Router Updates Come??? Debra writes, "You folks have said that I should look for routers that get updated regularly or switch to a 3rd-party firmware. How often should the updates come? My router hasn't had a new firmware update in quite some time.  How can I tell if this is a problem? If so, how should I go about finding a different firmware?" Great question!!! 
The Internet Of Things (and your router) Are Broken: SEC Consult says “Industry-Wide HTTPS Certificate and SSH Key Reuse Endangers Millions of Devices Worldwide” 
128GB of Awesome: Check out the SanDisk Ultra Fit 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive: tiny, cheap, fast. 
Raspbery Pi Cases: C4LABS.net INVASION and Zebra for Raspberry Pi 2 and B+
Pro Tech Toolkit Upate: IFIXIT.com Pro Tech Toolkit: More bits, better packaging, same price. Woot! 
Holiday Travel Hacks! Holiday travel can be suuuper stressful and crazy when you’re in a hurry. So Shannon's got some tips to make sure your travel days are a little less… headache inducing. Get the full story in the video on what these tools can do, but here's the links: HipmunkSeatGuruTripItClearTSA PreCheck, a portable travel batterysurge ProtectorLoungeBuddyGateGuru,  Mobile WiFi Hotspot, noise cancelling headphones (on ear or in ear), UberLyftSidecarGasBuddyTrakdot, Shannon's top tech travel gear, and mobile photo storage ideas here and here!
Fix My Family's WiFi: One of Patrick’s friends called and said “I’m getting on a plane at 4PM and I need to fix my brother and sister in law’s WiFi before I go. What should I do???” We talk placement, why a new router is a good idea (and why it should be AC), killing off dead spots... and why a second WAP is probably a better idea than a WFi Extender! 
Add More HDMI Ports: Greg writes, "I'm running out of HDMI ports on my Denon AVR-791.  With TV set-top, game consoles, Roku, etc. ports are rare.  Is there a good HDMI switch that would also work well with Logitech Harmony remotes?" Greg links to a Monoprice switch, and we talk about it, universal remotes, and Heronfidelity's current pick from J-Tech Digital in the video! 
Headphone Amp Ohm Advice: Paul writes, "Just thought I would bring up ohms when deciding if you would benefit from a headphone amp.  I've found that you need a pair of headphones that is at least 100 ohms before it makes a big difference." 
Do Something Analog: Go to an ice rink!!!