TekThing 50: Raspberry Pi-Hole Makes Ads Disappear! Synology DS216play NAS, FLIR Vue Pro, Best GPU Under $150

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Today's Topics: 
Google’s top tech searches in 2015: 
Hint: there was a lot o' searching about smart phones and the Apple Watch... and check out Google's A Year In Search 2015, too!
Raspberry Pi-Hole Blocks Ads: 
Dennis writes, "I wanted to share a cool use for RaspberryPi that I recently found www.pi-hole.net it's very simple, just one line of code." What does that line of code do? Pi-hole.net says “Hardware Ad-Blocking” and “Why spend $149 on AdTrap when you can spend $35 on a Raspberry Pi." Find out more in the video! 
Best GPU Under $150? 
@revtmyers tweets, "Running an i7-4770k. Is there a graphics card for < $150 that would benefit for gaming and video quality? Not editing videos." We've got three cards that'll spank the onboard graphics in that CPU... watch the video to find out what they are!
FAA UAS Registration: 
Will you have to register your quadcopter/drone/unmanned aerial vehicle/unmanned aerial system/RC Plane/helicopter with the FAA on December 21st? Hak5's Darren Kitchen joins us to explain who has to register, why, if  your old drone is 'grandfathered' in, what happens if you don't, and why the FAA now considers him (and everybody else with a quad over 250 grams) An Aviator
FLIR Vue Pro Review: 
FLIR recently came out w/ a thermal imaging camera system expressly for your sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial System, like a DJI Phantom, 3D Robotics Solo, or your homebrew build, the FLIR Vue Pro. Darren's wired it up and taken it for a flight, find out what the video looks like and how it flies in the video! 
Synology DiskStation DS216play: 
Shannon goes hands on with one of Synology's newest NAS boxes, the dual drive DS216play... can this $350 NAS it really transcode 4K UHD H.265 video on the fly? Is it fast at moving files? Watch the video to find out!
Yoga Gifts? 
This is a first. JY writes, "I need your gift ideas for my girlfriend. She likes dancing and yoga. I love your show and happy holidays." Patrick's got a list of gifts, and a strong recco for YogaGlo's streaming video service! 
Stop Vertical Smartphone Videos!
The rant of the week award goes to Jim, who writes, "As a proud member of the "People Who Hate Vertical Videos and The Knobs Who Take Them" club," ... "is there a setting in Android, or is there a utility or camera app that has a setting, to prevent the video orientation from changing from horizontal?" Shannon's got an app for you, called Horizon, but it's got some caveats. Find out what they are in the video!
Compact Stereo Amp: 
@virgiliocorrado tweets, "@patricknorton any suggestion for a compact amplifier that you can connect to a computer which then outputs to rca & speaker wire speakers?" Patrick says, "I've had good luck w/ the Lepai LP-2020 amps on @amazon..." and he's got a couple more recommendations in the video!
Do Something Analog: 
Go see a band! Patrick caught Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox the other night, and it was outstanding!