TekThing 49: $200 Laptops Windows vs. Chromebook! Lenovo Yoga 900 Review, Best Raspberry Pi OS, Update Windows!

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Today's Topics:

Update Windows & Flash: More than 70 security updates for each were released by MS and Adobe yesterday on Patch Tuesday… 

$200 Chromebook vs. Windows: Philip tweeted “@patricknorton entry level laptop for young school aged kid? Will chromebook Suffice? Need two so price matters” Great question! We got a pair of $199.99 100S laptops in from Lenovo, one running Windows 10, one running Chrome OS. Find out what they can and can't do in the video! (Homework? Video editing? Minecraft? 3D Modeling?) And here's that CPUBoss link!

Raspberry Pi Distros: Schultzy wrote ask@tekthing.com, "I finally purchased my second Raspberry Pi, a Model B. I was wondering what are your preferred distros to run on this. I know, depends on what I want to use it for, right? What can I use it for? This could be a whole show. We talk NOOBS Raspbian (The place to start!), Volumio (makes the Pi a dedicated audio player), and RetroPi (vintage gaming machine emulation!)

Lenovo Yoga 900 Review: Does the ever so gorgeous Yoga 900 convertible laptop live up to Shannon's expectations? Find out her one complaint in the video! 

AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon! If you want to join us at the  Hackathon in Las Vegas and try for the grand prize of $25,000, register at geekslife.com/att (Sponsored)

No Headphone Jacks On Next iPhone? Kieran writes, “Rumours are flying around recently that Apple is going to be ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack for the next iPhone in favour of using wireless headphones or lightning port adapters. Do you think this is a step forward or a step back?" Watch the video to find out more!

Tag Your Bag! Carl writes, “Just watched the latest show. Section about travel tech is missing a pro tip that saved my butt once. Have distinct stickers on checked bags and your carry on. When asked to describe the bag; I was able to say cat skull sticker and show them what it looked like.  Also makes it easy to spot on the belt." Thanks Carl! 

Global Entry Beats TSA Precheck: Steve writes, “Just caught TekThing 48 and highly second the value of TSA Precheck.  However, thought I’d mention that for anyone who might do any international travel that Global Entry is worth considering instead." Find out why in the video! 

Dell 7559 32 GB RAM??? For everybody that asked if that Dell 7559 gaming laptop would support 32GB of RAM… got an answer from Dell, “Good news! The engineer has checked it (functionality) on BIOS1.0 and it can support 32GB memory (16GB+16GB).”

Do something Analog: Remember ... once in awhile... put down the phone, step away from the screen, close the laptop... and do something analog, like learn how to snowboard!!!