TekThing 6: Best Bargain Routers, New GPU Picks, and 3 LastPass Alternatives!


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Smart phone kill switches work! Phone thefts have dropped in a big way! 

We've used this $19.99 Router... Benjamin writes, "I'm in the market for a new router. I don't need AC, but I do need something that will work well in my Wi-Fi saturated apartment. It would be awesome to find something under $100, but I'm willing to pay more of there is a good reason to. What would you suggest to get the best bang for my buck?" We've got four solid router picks that'll deliver fast Wi-Fi, starting at $19.99!

Don't like LastPass? Shannon's got three excellent alternatives in this week's Rapid Fire Round: Learn what makes KeePass, 1Password, and Keeper different in the video!

Nvidia GTX 260: Best GPU Under $200??? How fast is the GTX 260? What's the deal with the GTX 270 only having 3.5 GB of RAM? (And does that 3.5/5GB split slow it down?) Are AMD's new Athlon X4s and APUs as fast as Intel's CPUs? How long before AMD's R9 300 series shows up? Ryan Shrout, from PCPer.com and TWiCH has the inside scoop... and we talk about why you might want a 4K monitor for work!

No, really, your cell phone provider -HAS- to unlock your phone. As of today, the FCC had a deadline, yo. 

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