TekThing 7: Raspberry Pi 2 Hands On, 3 Cheap Backup Tools, Mics for Twitch Streaming Video Games: Razer Seirēn vs. Yeti Blackout, 220V Power Help!

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Raspberry Pi Model 2 Hands On! Our Pi Model 2 arrived, and we loaded up BerryBoot. Could we use the new quad core ARM powered $35 pc board as a desktop PC??? Watch the video to find out if it works, and if you'll be running Windows 10 on it anytime soon! (The new CPU has been a big boost for emulators and other apps, it's deffo faster!!!)

3 Cheap Tools To Back Up Your Data... No doubt, the fireproof, floodproof  ioSafe 1515+ is a badass piece of kit, but you don't need $2000+ to get started backing up your data. Find out our fave three tools for getting your data backed up on the cheap!

Game Streaming Mics: USB microphones that promise to make your Twitch streaming sound better were all over CES... we put Razer's Seirēn and Blue's Yeti Blackout through the wringer, alongside a couple o' ringers!

Using 120V Electronics in 220V Countries??? Drew says, "My family will be moving to England for a few years and I need some help.  I have some electronics that will only run on 110 so I need a quality power converter.  Any suggestions?  Also, will running an electronics off of a converter continuously cause problems?  Is there a UPS that inputs at 220 but outputs at 110?" We've got answers and product reccos in the video! 

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