TekThing 17: Microsoft Build Keynote! 3 Wireless Xbox One Headsets, Can I Change Password Managers?

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Microsoft Build 2015: 
 Do we have a launch date for Windows 10, or HoloLens? What's up with Microsoft's new dev tools? Anything shiny going on with Windows for the Raspberry Pi??? Patrick's got the word from Build 2015.
3 Wireless Xbox One Headsets: Shannon's got hands on reviews of Razer's Kraken Headset for Xbox One, Kingston's HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset, and the Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500X!
Where's Our Apple Watch? We'll give you a hint!
Windows On Galaxy Note 3? We doubt it... but we do have a great pure Android recco for Mark to install!  
More On Reading Resource Monitor! Javier has "question about the resource monitor you showed on a previous episode. What is a hard fault? This is how mine looks I notice a really bad lag when opening applications." We can fix that... and we've got info on hard faults, and when you can see that a memory or CPU upgrade will speed up your system!
iPad or Android Tablet? John's wife runs a "Windows laptop, Office, and Adobe products but also uses an iPhone 4S. She is looking to upgrade her phone but also buy a tablet. She is considering a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and an iPad. I am not sure an iPad is the best thing for her as she really needs the ability to use removable storage." Sounds like Shannon's set up at home... and if storage is the only issue, check out MacWorld's Best Ways to Get More Storage for Your iPhone or iPad!
Patrick's On Lifehacker! Patrick's in a fanboy swoon... the crew at Lifehacker had him do a "This How I Work" post!