TekThing 18: Hololens Hands On! Withings Home HD Camera, Speed Up Wi-Fi 802.11n, Apple Watch, More!

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Comcast's Customer Service: If at first you don't succeed at merging with your largest competitor, in part because your customers are so ticked off, maybe it's time to make a change... “Company Sets Aggressive Goals to Reinvent the Experience for Customers and Employees." They're even promising a $20 credit on your bill if a tech shows up late to your house. Hmmm.
Apple Watch: Patrick's spent a week with the Apple Watch... how well does it work? Is this (or any) smart watch 'must have' tech, or kinda useless? Find out in the video! 
Withings Home HD Camera: The Withings Home HD Camera looks gorgeous, but can it really give you "A greater sense of security," or is it just another Dropcam wanna be? Shannon's got the answers in the video!
3 Ways To Speed Up 802.11n!  Wish your Wi-Fi was faster? We've got three great ways to speed up your Wi-Fi if you're using 802.11n... two of 'em are FREE, and, please, go read the awesome SmallNetBuilder.com article,  "Does an AC Router Improve N Device Performance?"
Microsoft HoloLens Hands On: Patrick got 30 minutes with Microsoft's HoloLens.... y'all sent him a ton of questions on Twitter, he's describing the experience, and answering all your questions he can! 
Can I Play #SWTOR In My Livingroom W/o a PC??? @morpheusxp tweets, "@TekThing guys is there a way I can play #SWTOR in my livingroom w/o dragging my pc in there? Also I'd really like to use an Xbox controller." You, you can DIY a streaming Steam machine with a Raspberry Pi 2... or you can get the cash out and buy a box! Tons of good info on#SWTOR streaming on Reddit, and here's the link for info on Steam In Home Streaming.
Is There Any Reason To Not Encrypt Your Drive? @MrNickMurphy tweets, ?@TekThing Is there any reason NOT to encrypt your drive (say with BitLocker)? Does it impact performance for instance? Great show :)" We LOVE drive encryption, and if you're running an SSD... well, watch the show to find out! 
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