Gaming PC Build! Skip USB 3.1? 3 Awesome Measuring Tools, Two Routers One Box: Linux Route Command!

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TekThing Episode 21 Shownotes:

We Build Shannon's Gaming PC! And if you're curious, here's the Arctic Silver thermal compound instructions
Three Digital Tools We Use All The Time: Turns out you don't have to spend a lot to pick up a Sound Level MeterElectricity Usage Monitor, or an Infrared Thermometer! Find out what we use 'em for in the video! (The answer might surprise you...)
Tools That Make Running Your Business Easier! Patrick adopts new tools for work "at a glacial pace," but for this weeks' s found a few that make running TekThing  way easier... or that help his friends spend less time at the office, like FreshBooksLastPass,  DocuSign,  Wunderlist, or Todoist. Try a new tool, it might simplify your life and get you home earlier!
Two Routers, One Computer? The Linux Route Command is pretty amazing! 
Shannon, why'd you pick those parts? You had a ton of parts questions for Shannon, she answers 'em in the video! 
Mustard & Mayo on your CPU? Hardware Secrets Thermal Compound Roundup says they'll work better than many pricey thermal compounds!
4 Cores Is Enough For Gaming: If you're wondering why, read Rock Paper Shotgun's Why You Don’t Need More Than Four CPU Cores!
Do Something Analog: Throw a garage sale!