TekThing 20: Major Router Security Flaw! MakerFaire, Camera Reccos, Best BitTorrent Client, More!

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Major (and widespread) Home Router Security Flaw! Here's SEC Consult's original Security Advisory original notice on the NetUSB flaw,  CERT's Vulnerability Note,  which includes advice on how to fix the hole. This is a nasty one... and a lot of routers, esp. Netgear's effected models, might have no fix. 
Spotify Adds Video, Mood Programming: I'ts not just audio anymore, there are videos and podcasts, too.
New Camera Recommendation: Kevin asks: "What point and shoot camera would you recommend to replace a Nikon S8200." Shannon's picks include Panasonic's Lumix DMC LX100 and ZS40, and Sony's Cyber Shot DSC RX100. Find out why in the video, and, as always, Cnet's got great camera reviews, check out their Best of 2015 list!
Upgrade Your Smartphone Photography! We talk camera app upgrades, like VSCO Cam, backing your photos up automagically, Google+ Photos new Stories, (check out the Hak5 camping trip Story!) add on lenses from Olloclip and PhotoJojo, along with the ultimate phone camera upgrade!
iPhone Case With Built In Lightning Cable: Never have a cable for your iPhone with you need one? Check out LabC's iPhone 6 The Cable Case
Best of MakerFaire 2015! We saw some cool Arduino and Raspberry Pi tech at MakerFaire, along with giant glow in the dark ride inside cats, giant robots, made a switch to play Mole-A-Whack, and more!
Best Wi-Fi Extender? @OdiumOne tweets, "Any recommendations for a wifi extender?" Yup! The WireCutter just 100+ hours testing and researching before they picked one
Audio Version? Nick says, "Are you guys thinking of publishing an audio version of the podcast?" We actually post one for every show. Just head to the episode page on TekThing.com
Best BitTorrent Client? Joel's looking for a new BitTorrent client so he can check out the BitTorrent Bundles... we're huge fans of uTorrent, and if you want something more freesoftware-ish, check out qBittorrent.
Can I Put My PC In A New Case? @chawa tweets, "can I transfer my Alienware r4 desktop to a Corsair case or any case for that matter? Thanks" Answers are in the video!
Do Something Analog: Like go ride a bike!