iOS 9! Future-proofing vs. Upgrades, Photo Storage For Summer Travel, Thermal Pads or Compound???

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TekThing Episode 23 Shownotes:
Apple WWDC: Matter of fact, we're excited about the iOS  updates from Apple's WWDC... find out why in the video!
Revive That Old XP PC: Karl wants to review an old Netbook running Windows XP... yes, Win 8 or 10 will help, along with the tweaks for your settings we showed iin the video. Our fave defrag tool is still  IObit Smart Defrag!
3 Travel Backup Tools: Shannon review's the Sandisk iXpand Flash Drive & Wireless Media Drive, along with Kingston's 5-in-1 Mobile Companion! Store photos from your smartphone, pack extra videos for your tablet, share files with family and friends... more info in the video!
Headphones That Save Hearing? It's simple... if the music is too loud for too long ( less than a half hour will do it!) you'll start to lose your hearing. Over a BILLION young people are at risk. Patrick reviews Puro's Kids BT2200, wireless Bluetooth headphones that limit volume, and talks about some audio friendly earplugs for concerts, V-Moda's Faders VIP.

Cordcutting OTA Antenna Help: Krispin says he's "canceling our DirecTV subscription" but "I will NEED over the air reception in order to watch my Seahawks when they are on NBC or Fox." He needs help buying a new antenna to get OTA HD programming. Our first stop would deffo be, we show how to use the site, in the video! 
Thermal Pads vs. Paste??? Nik writes, "I’m just wondering, for someone like me that's always been afraid to apply thermal compound what do you think of thermal pads?" We answer the question in the show!
Facebook Hogs Android Storage: Tom's new to Android, and writes "I keep getting out of space notices and then I find that Facebook is hogging up most of the space."  There's instructions on how to move the Facebook app to your SD Card, it's similar to moving any Android app to the SD Card in your phone. Patrick prefers using Tinfoil for Facebook