5 Hot Games from E3, 970 SLI vs. 980Ti, Get Yourself A Credit Lock! Peppermint OS, LastPass Hacked

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TekThing Episode 24 Shownotes:
LastPass Hacked??? Info on the breach here, our advice in the video.
Credit Freeze: Worried about identity theft? Was your information stolen from the OPM? ou might want to get a 
Credit Freeze... here's a great read on how they work and why you might want one from Krebs on Security.
Best of E3: 
 Some GREAT new PC games and console news from the E3 gaming show: XBox One Backwards Compatible, Rare ReplayLegend of Zelda for 3DSFallout 4 and Fallout ShelterFFVII RemakeMirror’s Edge Catalyst
Quadcopter Shark Spotting:  Yes, the street does find its own uses for things, case in point, "Cali Lifeguards Use Drone to Spot Great Whites," which is almost as cool as the Liquid Robotics Wave Glider, which uses the motion o' the ocean to move itself! (Think 400 days on its own without a battery change!)
GPU Recco, 970s in SLI vs. 980Ti: Kevin in St. George, UT wants to know if he should add a second 970 and run the pair in SLI, or roll with a single 980Ti... we've got advice in the show -especially if you game on a 1080p 60Hz monitor! Some great info in PCGamer's NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980Ti review, and 
JayzTwoCents has a great video with benchmarks!  
Windows Game Controller: Greg writes ask@tekthing.com, "What is the best game controller for a Windows 7 (soon to be Windows 10) PC?" Shannon talks through some options, including the PS4 Dualshock Wireless ControllerMicrosoft XBox 360 Wireless Controller, and the new XBox Elite Controller
Great OS For A Slow PC? Vinny has an OS Tip for Karl, the viewer that wanted to revive an old netbook with a slow CPU, Peppermint OS. Find out why in the video!
Blu-ray Bit-rates??? James emails, "Do you know what the minimum bit-rate is for a Blu-ray video disc?" He's burning videos to a Blu-ray, and we talk Bit-rates and capacity in the video!