iPhone 6S Rumors, Find Lost Files On Android, Reduce PC Power Consumption, 4K Desktop Monitor Help!

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TekThing Episode 26:
iPhone 6s Rumors: Apple's next gen smart phone is coming, tons of good info up on 9to5Mac.com.
Smartphone Storage: How much do you need, and why doesn't Shannon trust MicroSD cards, anyhow??? 
Reduce PC Power Consumption: Fernando writes, "Is booting from a USB pen drive good for power saving? I have an old pc with linux mint box who work as a NAS. I dont want to pay many energy bills because of my home server." We calculate annual power costs... then offer better ways to save more power... find out in the video! 
4K TV Desktop Monitor? Jud writes, "I like the 43" 4Ks but didn’t know how they would perform as a monitor.  The price is right.  Has sound and multipliable inputs. What’s not to like?" Let's talk optimal viewing distance vs. screen size!
Indiegogo National Debt? Somebody's building a Greek Bailout Fund on Indiegogo. Seriously. 
Awesome Viewer Tips: Dave has a better way to launch Task Manager... no more CTRL ALT DELETE for us! Michael has a cool system for identifying which company is selling his information so he can quite doing business with them! And when Patrick tweeted out "Anybody have a favorite brand of KVM for @DerekEngel1”, boy, y'all answered the call!
3D Printing Rent or Buy?!? Patrick's in 3D Printer Calibration Heck... and given the 3D printer 'race to the bottom,' on pricing, the availability of services to print for you, (even same day!) he's torn between reccomending you own one, and maybe using it to launch a revenue stream ala 3DHubs, or just let other folks deal with the pain of 3D printing for you.
Cast from Apple to Android? Chris H is looking for a "recommendations for apps that cast your live screen view, pictures, all videos in real time from Apple to Android?  I'm rocking the equiso sticks on a couple of tvs and would love to cast stuff from one device to the other." Shannon talks the pros and cons of DoubleTwist, AirSync, and Reflector.
Remote Apps For Smartphones? SirMars tweets, “@tekthing, 1 thing I'd like to see is a roundup of remote apps for either android or ios devices. Might be a good use for my Nexus4!” Shannon talks Android options, including Smart IR RemoteIR Universal Remotes, and ASmart Remote IR.
Find Lost Files On Android! Ian's bookmarks have disappeared... this article, How to Recover Your Deleted Data from Your Android Device, will help you find just about -any- lost or deleted files on your Android device!
Do Something Analog: How about a Pirate Festival???