TekThing 27: Secure Email, Synology DS1515+ NAS, 64-bit Chrome & Firefox, Surround Sound Help, Micro Bit, Die Flash Die!!!

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Got Windows 10 Questions? Send 'em to us. Windows 10 is coming July 29th! BTW, Lifehacker’s How to Configure Windows 10 to Protect Your Privacy is worth reading.
Micro Bit Kids PC: The BBC has finalized the design for the Micro Bit... they'll be giving a million away to UK schoolkids to learn programming!
Synology DS1515+ NAS: What's a NAS? Do you need one for backups and serving media? How do they protect your data? How fast can they move files? We've got Synology's DS1515+ 5 bay NAS in house. Designed for a small to midsize business, it's got a ton of features... find out what we think of it in the video! 
Surround Sound Setup Tips: Getting your home theater on? We've got three things you should think about before you install your speakers! First up, take a look at the Dolby Speaker Setup Guide so you can figure out what you can fit where you need to fit it!
Wireless TV Speakers? Steve writes, "My wife would like to have speakers for the TV, but wants the placement to be over by the head of the bed (the TV is on the opposite wall). Any advice on gear to accomplish this?" Yup! Watch the video to find out, but, hint!
Easy PGP Email Encryption! Shannon's shows off 3 great tools to secure your email: Keybase.io, a site and command line tool for PGP:, Mailvelope, a Chrome extension and Firefox add on, and ProtonMail, a newcomer that supports privacy and encryption! (Thanks for the tip on ProtonMail, Paul!)
64 Bit Chrome & Firefox? Joe writes, "I would like to know are 64 bit browsers better than 32 bit? Is there a Chrome (here) or Firefox 64 bit (here) browser? I use Firefox, Waterfox, Cyberfox, and the Pale Moon 64 bit browsers, and writes, "The only problem that I have is that Waterfox has a problem with Adobe Flash Player sometimes."
Remove Adobe Flash. Forever. Seriously. Go to OccupyFlash.org. And here's how to turn off the Flash built into Chrome.
Best Portable Charger? Dan needs juice to keep a tablet running for 16-24 hours.... we've had great luck w/ Anker!
Export OS X Keychain? Manny writes, "Just a small question. Is there a short or not too complex way to export the passwords stored in the OS X Keychain to a CSV file or something else?" It's not easy, but you can Convert OSX Keychain to a CSV! (You -don't- need to do that to Copy OSX Keychain from One Mac to Another, btw!)
Glue Stick! “Patrick have you tried using glue stick on your 3D printer bed most ppl find it to work well and you avoid over spray on your printer also how are you finding 3D printing I’m loving mine." Thanks, Ashley!