TekThing 32: DEF CON Hacks, 16TB Samsung SSD, Replace Windows Defender, Tablets For Kids, 10Gb Ethernet, MORE!

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Today's topics:
Samsung 16 TB SSD: The PM1633a is the biggest drive ever... thanks to Samsun's new TLC 3D VNAND... the new 48 layer Vertical NAND parts offer 256Gbit (32GB) capacity and 30% less power consumption that the 32 layer VNAND in the current 850 EVO drives... we smell 4TB EVO SSDs!
Don't Buy An iPhone or Apple TV!!! At least not until September 9th: Apple Expected to Unveil a new iPhone 6s and Apple TV.
Android Fragmentation: How fragmented is Android? Try over 24,000 distinct models... check out the gorgeous report from OpenSignal.
$46 Million Theft via Email??? Ubiquiti Loses Millions in a CyberheistTwo factor authentication.. it's not just for passwords. 
Stop Using Windows Defender? It's a good start, and we love that it's set up OOTB on Windows 10, but the reviews are getting brutal... and there are a ton of free alternatives. Check PCMag's The Best Free Antivirus for 2015. 
Android’s Major Security Flaw: ArsTechnica says, 'it's the update system. It's a security nightmare.' (yeah, we paraphrased there. Read the article, and think about Stagefright
GPS Spoofing Is a Possibility: Yes, hackers at DEF CON produced fake GPS signals your car navigation or phone can pick up. (Using one of Great Scott's HackRF One Software Defined Radios!) !Woah.
FTC & Hackers Fight Robocalls: Best contest at DEF CON? Possibly the FTC's ROBOCALLS: Humanity Strikes Back.... the FTC held the finals at Def Con. 
Best Badges of DEF CON: The DEF CON badge was cool this year, but check out the collection of badges HACKADAY found at DEF CON 23. Joysticks, people!
Run Flash Safely? Probably not, but we've got tips for running Flash kinda safely on the show, but, owwwwch: Adobe Patches at Least 34 Vulnerabilities in Flash.
Make FAX Suck Less: Who hates faxes? We do… but Patrick’s found HelloFax makes his (increasingly rare) fax needs less irritating.
10Gb Ethernet? Pete says, “I know it is a standard and it has been shipping for a while. I assume we are going to see something like this come down in price so that we can ultimately get it in the home someday. Saturating a gig link is easy!” We talk it through in the show, fast, yes, but it's still -way- expensive. Also, check  Will 10GB Ethernet Take Off in 2015? 
Cheap USB Cables? @d0m tweets “@patricknorton where is the best place to get usb cables on the cheap? monoprice? amazon basics? know a place in South Bay?  Suggestions for cheap USB, HDMI, and Lightning cables in the video!
Tablets For Kids: Curt, aka @farmboy24 tweets, “@patricknorton what do you recommend or use for a 7-8 in. tablet for a toddler?” We’ve got reccomendations in the show! BTW, Commensense media’s “Babies and Toddlers: The Definitive Answers to Screen-Time Questions" is a great read. 
Do Something Analog: SLEEP!!!