TekThing 33: LIVA X2 Mini PC, SMANOS W020i WiFi Alarm, Privacy Badger, Free WiFi Heat Map, Chromecast In Hotels!

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Today's topics:
Update Windows IE NOW: MS just dropped a patch for a nasty security flaw in IE. Go forth and update Windows. (On a cheerful note, the Edge browser in Win 10 is unaffected.)
Google OnHub Router: Yup, Google just announced it's selling a home router, called OnHub. A verticle tube with 13 antennas inside, a bunch of intelligence (It promises to monitors your Wi-Fi and tells you how to make it better.) and a web app. We've pre-ordered one and will post our review after it ships Sept 1st. 
Skylake Update: We've finally got more details on Intel's Skylake CPU, including the architecture, which promises to "Scale from Tablets to Servers." The Core i5-6600 version is on sale, no sign of the Core i7-6700 model yet!
Sync LastPass for Free! Our friend Alan Henry at LifeHacker pretty much summed it up, "LastPass Now Lets You Sync Passwords on Any One Platform for Free." 
ECS LIVA X2 MiniPC Review: Patrick got hands on with ECS' new LIVA X2... it's an tiny Intel powered full Windows PC that sells for $179. Watch the video to find out what Patrick thought of it... and here's the links to TechSpot's Celeron N3050 benchmarks!
3 Awesome Free Windows Apps: Find out why we love Ekahau Heatmapper, WinDirStat (or, better yet, SpaceSniffer, and Smart Defrag 4 in the video!  
Smanos W020i Smart Alarm and WiFi Camera: Just how good is the Smanos W020i home alarm system you set up yourself? Shannon's been hands on with it, so you can find out in the video!
Google Project Sunroof: Ever wonder how much electrical energy you can generate by putting solar panels on your roof? Project Sunroof aims to tell you!
Chromecast vs. Hotel WiFi: Sara writes, "Is it possible to use my Chromecast with a Hotspot on vacation, using another separate mobile device to cast with? Free hotel WiFi is usually available, but I would never trust it LOLZ :)" Find out the good, the bad, and the ugly in the video!
Block Numbers On Android? Tom asks, "I've got Android Lollipop 5.1.1 yet there still is no feature to block a specific phone number. Can you recommend a work-around or a specific app to do the same thing?" We've got a free way to block numbers in Android, and info on a pretty good paid app in the video!
EFF Privacy Badger? Alan writes, "What do you think of EFF's Privacy Badger?  How do you think it compares to other plugins out there, like Ghostery?  I'm interested in hearing your thoughts, since your show always provides interesting insights." Here's the link for the Gigaom article, "Why Privacy Badger Is Different" that Shannon mentioned!
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