TekThing 34: Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+ or WAIT??? 2FA Apps, Avoid This Win10 Upgrade Fail, Cool Off A Hot Router!

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Today's topics:
Next Smartphone: David N says it's "that time again. The contract is up, and the old Samsung Note 3 is more than abused...  I want to know what other options there are out there that have great battery life, 5.5 inch or larger screens, and decent cameras on them." Shannon talks up the pros and cons of the Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+, Moto XPure edition (Verge has a release date rumor!), why the OnePlus 2 might not be 'Flaship' and why you might want to wait a few more weeks in the video!
Two Factor Authentication Tools: Need 2FA? Get the word on Authy, Duo, and Google Authenticator in the video! 
Move Windows 10 To An SSD: Mike wants to know the best way to move Windows 10 off his 1.5TB drive and onto his new 240GB SSD -and- still use the big drive for storage. We walk you through the Windows 10 Hardware issues and Media Creation Tool in the video!
Clean Install Warning!!! Lawrence writes, “Hi Shannon and Patrick. Please let viewers know that you can't perform a clean install of Windows 10 with a Windows 7 or 8 product key. You have to upgrade from an activated copy of 7 or 8 or purchase a Windows 10 key. Love the show, keep up the great work."
Keep Your Router From Overheating! Julian writes, “For those of us who are trying to run a small router / system in a garage, I have killed two with 100+ degree Texas heat, what can you guys recommend for a router or mini switch that can handle 100-110 degree F heat?" Check the video! 
Kids Tablets 1: Alwood posted on TekThing, "I honestly don't understand the common media's recommendations for "cheap" tablets. A viewer asked for your recommendation for a tablet for a toddler. ANY iPad @ $200 to $800 is just crazy, the Leap tablet@ $149, really; a $400 Samsung Tab 4… How about a $99, brand new ASUS MeMO Pad 7" (ME176CX) for $99?" Well, the Tab 4 is $150, here's Shannon's reivew of the Shannon’s ASUS Memo Pad HD 7, and we've got thoughts on more expensive tablets in the video!
Kids Tablets 2: Brian has a different approach: “We bought my 2 year old an Nvidia Shield Tablet with a really thick rubber bumper and some screen protectors. He's been using it since February, and it's been thrown, drooled on, the works, and it's working FLAWLESSLY! It's a great 8" Android tablet with LOUD front-firing speakers and runs stock Android, so it gets the latest updates right away! Can't recommend it enough!"
Security Camera Software: Bill writes, "On TekThing, episode 33, Shannon reviewed a security camera and solicited viewers to to share what they were using.  I have have eight security IP cameras of three different brands,  Six are wired and two are WIFi.  Six have night vision and two do not, but I do have a motion detector flood light.  I use a free open source program, iSpy.  It can record on motion detection and can isolated the area of the frame that is of interest.  The sensitivity can be adjusted to reduce false positives.  Alerts can be sent, if desired. The recordings and control can be accessed from their server for a 60$/yr fee." Sounds awesome, thanks, for the heads up, Bill!
Do Something Analog! Get your card game on... Shannon's obsessed with Contender, "The Game Of Political Debate."