TekThing 54: $9 CHIP PC, $3000 Earbuds, What Do Cujo, Bitdefender Box, & Luma Mesh Do? Wiping A Used PC, More!

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Are You Sick???
Jonathan writes ask @ tekthing.com, "Did you get sick at Defcon? And if yes, are you over it yet?" Defcon... no. CES 2016? Maaaaaaybe... 
Internet of Things Security Devices?
One of the big trends at CES was Magic Boxes that claim they'll secure your network by combining firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-malware into router-like box.  Watch the video for Shannon's take on the Bitdefender BOX, CUJO, and Luma Mesh Networking
Outrageous $3000 Headphones!
What were the most off the chart headphones and earbuds Patrick heard at CES??? We talk SHURE’s KSE 1500 $3000 Electrostatic Earphone System, HiFiMAN's Shangri La, HE1000, and Edition X, along with Sennheiser's $55,000 Orpheus and HD800 S ... along with affordable models that sound amazing from all three brands!
CHIP $9 PC? 
Patrick's CHIP PC arrived late Wednesday... and died about 15 minutes after he got it booted. The NextThingCo crew has stepped up w/ support and documentation (turns out a fresh OS install should fix it) and we should have a full review of the tiny $9 WiFi and Bluetooth equipped Linux runnin' box on next week's show! 
Wiping A Used Computer...
Frank says, "I purchased a used computer and I wanted to know the best way to wipe it to ensure that no spyware is on it" We talk new drives vs. wiping your old drives, along with building a Windows install drive and starting fresh.
Mini-ITX Gear at CES? 
Nik writes, "If you see any cool Mini-ITX cases, low profile coolers and anything else appropriate for my next Mini ITX build please take a look at it for me." Patrick thought the PSU and liquid cooler Corsair put together for the Bulldog were pretty slick... the Lapdog is definitely worth checking out, too!
Turn Off YouTube Ads? 
Bill says "I have a problem with the YouTube app: is there a way to disable ads for the Android YouTube app,  and if not, is there anyway we can get Google to realise that some ads are offensive to certain people?" We talk about YouTube ads, who can “block ads by sensitive category," Red, and more in the video!  (Great Lifehacker article about YouTube Red.)
Do Something Analog!
Like teach a little one how to play an old board game! Tell us what you like to do where you live! We’d love to feature your analog pick on the show! Send us pictures too!