TekThing 55: PC Build Picks! Dell XPS 13 Skylake Review, Airplay for Android, Great $100 Speakers, Monitor Recco!

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PC Builds! 
We asked what your new year tech resolutions were, and tons of you emailed us to ask about recommendations on your new PC builds! And of course, we’ve got some answers for ya…
PC Parts Suggestions? 
James writes, "I am trying to build my first pc and I have two different builds- one with a micro ATX board and then a regular ATX board. I was wondering what you would recommend differently. I have a budget of about $1000 which is flexible." James sent PCPartPicker.com links to ATX & Mini-ITX builds, and we make suggestions on how to drop 'em in his budget (like a cheaper case), why recommended systems (pcpartpicker guide, pcper.com leaderboard) are a helpful place to start, why you don't need a $300-400 GPU for 1080p games, and more! 
Memory Upgrade? 
Simon says, (sorry) my pc "has 4 memory slots. Two are currently filled – each with 4GB sticks. I want to upgrade to 16GB. I know I can’t mix DDR types of memory. The PC is used for general day to day tasks. I don’t do any video editing." Simon asks about going with a single 1x8 GB stick, 2x8 GB sticks, or an second pair of 2x4 GB sticks. We talk about 'the right way' to do it, and what Patrick started doing after reading GamersNexus "RAM Performance Benchmark: Single-Channel vs. Dual-Channel - Does It Matter?"
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Airplay for Android?
Richard writes, "most of my audio gear is AirPlay compatible, which allows me to stream audio to all my rooms simultaneously through iTunes. I would love for my girlfriend to also be able to use them but, all her devices are Android based. Is there a way for her to use my devices without having to switch to Apple devices?" Sure! There are tons of options... check out AllCast, AllConnect, AllStream, and AirAudio, for starters!
No Surround Sound From Games? 
Donovan from Australia says, my "HTPC runs Windows 10 and is connected to an aging Sony AVR connected via S/PDIF output that gives me surround sound for video, but not for games. No matter the in game configuration I only ever have stereo. Is there additional hardware required for surround sound gaming? What am I missing here." We've got an answer in the video!
Affordable Speakers? 
Josh from Germany writes, "I am in the market for a $100-$150 speaker setup - could you imagine reviewing the current market in that price range, maybe even above? It is really hard to find good reviews in that regard, and you seem to have the knowledge behind it." Thanks, Josh! You've got some great options starting at $100... we talk about Pioneer's SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Designed Bookshelf Loudspeakers, Sony's SSC55, and Music Hall's Marimba in the video. There are more options (and an entry level amp recco) in the video! 
Dell XPS 13 Skylake Review
Patrick's been carrying Dell's 2013 XPS 13 for a couple years, Dell just added a Skylake CPU to the 2015 XPS 13 that launched at CES last year. Is it faster? How's the build? What's the battery life? Is the 3200x1800 InfinityEdge display usable? How's the keyboard? Does the Type C/USB 3.1/Thunderbolt 3 port do anything useful? Watch the video and find out!
A quick shout out to our friend Luria Petrucci (formerly known as Cali Lewis) and the GeeksUniversity.com crew… they’re launching their new  collection of awesome courses to help you make AMAZING videos, and build a loyal audience on Friday!
Monitor Recommendation? 
Eric asks, "Any recommendations on good monitor? Is IPS really a problem for gaming?" He's looking for something under $175, between 24 and 27 inches, 1080p resolution.. we talk IPS vs TN, speeds, and quite a bit more (like should Eric wait longer and get a 2560 WQHD monitor) in the video! 
Do Something Analog! 
Ross sent this awesome email, "Just wanted to reinforce the "do something analog" message you guys promote and let you know I do indeed take it to heart and appreciate the message... I am far from a engineer/developer/programmer, but want to provide my children a firm basis in math/science/computers... (4yr old boy/6yr old girl) Even spending the time building an "animal elevator (picture attached)" with hot glue, a bamboo skewer and a pasta container is an opportunity to teach some very substantial topics to the next generation and guess what...It's fun! Thanks for reinforcing the "step away from the computer" topics."