NES Classic Edition Review, WD PiDrive 375GB Raspberry Pi, Cheap 4K GPU, Is Your 2FA On? -- TekThing 98

NES Classic Edition… A 375GB Pi? We test WDLabs PiDrive! GPUs for when you just don’t care about gaming, and, hey, is your 2FA really 2FAing??? We might be geeking out a bit on this TekThing!
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NES Classic Edition How good is the NES Classic Edition. What games are on it? Can you get one for $60, or will you have to pay $250 plus to scalpers? Can it really run Linux and is it Open Source? Watch the video! 

New GPU, Don't Care About 3D Gaming Mike needs a new GPU, his Intel Graphics won't support a 3840x2160 monitor, but he's a photographer that runs Photoshop and Lightroom, and could care less about 3D gaming. We've got reccos! (Here's a link to that Nvidia driver problem with Lightroom.)

WDLabs PiDrive Foundation Edition We go hands on with WDLabs 375 GB PiDrive Foundation Edition... we talk Project Spaces, setting it up (it's way easier than rolling your own), and how easy it makes switching between multiple distros on your Raspberry Pi! 

Make Sure 2FA Is Actually Turned On! Rhys writes, "A month or so ago I got a bit more serious about my passwords and security after watching your show, I added a code generator to both my MS account and Facebook." Turns out that doesn't turn on two factor authentication. Find out what happened in the video !

Amazon Echo: No Prime Required A shout out to Jo Di PIazza, who was watching our review of Google's Home vs. Amazon's Echo last week and wanted to know if you can use the Echo without a Prime subscription

Do Something Analog: Check out Ant getting analog
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