Black Friday Picks! 4K TVs $400-3000, 9 Raspberry Pi Gift Projects, $500 Laptop, Find Deals! -- TekThing 99

Black Friday Deals! 4K TVs from $400 to $3000, 9 Raspberry Pi project gift ideas, Android phone deals,more!
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Black Friday Picks & Deals! We talk Nintendo NES Classic , Google Home, Amazon's Echo, Roku Premiere+, Kindle Paperwhite, Blue Yeti Microphone, GoPros, Canary home monitoring system, Google Pixel... 

MORE Black Friday Picks & Deals... Nextbit's Robin, laptop 'deals' to avoid, Dell's XPS 13, Lenovo's Yoga 910 2 in 1, Acer's Aspire E15, Acer Chromebook 14, ASUS Chromebook Flip, Lenovo's Ideapad 100S, Google's Chromecast, 4K TVs from TCL's bargain $400 55" Roku to Samsung's 8500 series, to LG's $3000 OLED masterpiece,  ELAC's Uni-Fi B5 bookshelf speakers (and their bargain Debut series), and KEF's Egg Wireless Digital Music System

Finding Deals! Bargain hunting?,,, and the "Add to Amazon Wishlist" Chrome button are your friends!

iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit Check out the new $20 Essential Electronics Toolkit from our sponsor, iFixit! Head over to to check out all the parts and tools you need to keep your tek-things working! For $5 off your purchase of $10 or more, use the code TEKTHING at checkout! 

Raspberry Pi Projects! Raspberry Pi, CHIP PC, Odroid... there are so many tiny computer options... here's some cool stuff to try out on 'em! DietPi, RuneAudio, Volumio, OSMC, OpenELEC, RasPlex,,,, PiVPN, Make's DIY VPN/TOR router, the $10 Amazon Echo w/ CHIP, the best place to get a Pi Zero, Odroid C2, the $9 CHIP PC... and, yes, we've ordered Dashbot!

Surround Sound Headphone Gaming Help! EdgarQ posted surround sound headphone gaming help on, including a link to Head-Fi's guide, and 4 Dolby Headphone and CMSS 3D demos!

What Do We Want? Mark wrote, "With Black Friday & the main shopping season just around the corner, what kind of tech (or analog things) are you hoping to pick up for yourself or others?" Find out in the video... 

Do Something Analog: Go eat a mess of pumpkin pie and get your thankful on this Thanksgiving! BTW, here's that PRO TIP FOR FAMILY COMPUTER FIXES if you're on tech support on T-Day! 
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