Google Daydream View VR, Monoprice M560, Audioquest NightOwl, 16GB Laptops, Watch Doctor Who Online! -- TekThing 100

Google Daydream View VR, Monoprice $199 M560 planar, Audioquest NightOwl headphone reviews! Doctor Who -is- online! 
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Daydream View VR Headset by Google Shannon's got a full review of the $79 Daydream View running on her Pixel... check the video! 

3 Incredibly Useful Free Apps! Find out why 7-Zip, SD Card Formatter 4.0, Live Linux Boot CDS (like Ubuntu, Puppy Linux, or Kali), VLC Media Player, and WiFi Analyzer are so useful in the show! 

Monoprice Monolith M560 Planar Headphones The $199 Monoprice M560 are -not- the cheapest planar magnetic headphones out there, that'd be the Fostex T50RP MK3... but do the Monoprice sealed cans sound $70 better than the T50RP? Watch the video! 

Audioquest NightOwl Sealed Headphones Patrick's current fave headphones are Audioquest's NightHawk (now $350) for All The Music (or Blu-rays at 2 AM), tho their (very) natural sound drives some audiophiles crazy. The new NightOwl Carbon are sealed, not semi-open, come with two sets of earpads to tune the audio and fit, and a new tuning... review in the video!

CES 2017! We're going, and we want to know what want us to cover... email or tweet @snubs, @patricknorton or @tekthing!!! Plus TekThing is having a meetup at Atomic Liquors in Las Vegas on Friday, January 6 at 7pm!

Laptops with 16 GB RAM? Scott from CT wrote, "with the lack of a good MacBook Pro this year. (the new one just is so behind the times). I am thinking of going to windows. What would be a good p.c w/ 16gigs of ram and an ssd drive." Our recommendations in the video! 

Doctor Who Is Online! Jerry summed up something a lot of y’all sent our way, "in case no one else has let you know, Doctor Who is available to stream on Amazon." Thanks to everyone that wrote in! 

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