TekThing 61: Raspberry Pi 3 Hands On! 7 Secure Android VPNs, Cheap Headphones That Sound Great, Faster MicroSDs!

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Raspberry Pi 3 Hands On!
We got the new Pi 3 in for testing... what make the new $35 quad core computer different? Onboard WiFi and Bluetooth, for one. A fast new quad core CPU is a nice add. There are a couple things that haven't changed. Find out more as we run it live in the video! 
Raspberry Pi MicroSD Card Performance
Something to think about if you want more performance: not all MicroSD cards are equal. Check out Jeff Geerling's benchmarks of MicroSD cards!
Cheap Headphones!
No mics here, no fancy cases, just audio… that’s what defines the headphones I’m looking at this week, and unlike last week’s lux headphones, anybody can afford these... Patrick talks pros and cons of the $16 Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro Headphone ... aka the 8323, Sony's $80 MDR7506, Grado's legendary SR60e, also $80, and made in Brooklyn, USA, and a couple of $50 options, the Fostex TH-7BB Semi-Open Dynamic Stereo Headphones, and Creative's Aurvana Live.
7 Secure Android VPNs
Anthony writes, "I have been hearing you guys Mention VPN and proxies  and want to know could you go into a little more detail about them. Upon some internet reading there a few for Windows like cyberghost etc but can you use vpn's with android???? Are these a good way to keep your privacy online and protect yourself from hackers etc especially on public WiFi spots?" Yes... with caveats. Shannon tested seven Android VPNs (they'll work on iOS, too) and has deets on Hotspot Shield, HidemanTorGuard, Private Internet Access, CyberGhost VPN, IPVanish, and TunnelBear. Here's a link to Is your traffic encrypted or not? and the TorrentFreak listing of VPN providers.
Amp Camp Amp
February's Patreon Build is live... we built a pair of the Pass designed Amp Camp Amps
Safe Search For Children?
Loudmouthman sent us a link via Twitter to an oped full of good rules he wrote… Walter and Andrew have some great suggestions, too... watch the video to hear more!
Do Something Analog: 
Go have a relaxing day at a spa. Seriously dudes, you’d be amazed at how relaxing a sauna is!