TekThing 60: Samsung S7, LG G5, Sony Xperia, 5G LTE, Luxury Headphones, Safe Google Search, Linux Mint Hacked!

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New Phones! 
Mobile World Congress 2016... so many new phones! We talk Samsung S7, S7 Edge, and Gear VR, LG's G5 and its snap in friends, the Cam Plus and Hi-Fi Plus, along with Sony's new Xperia X and XA, (Did somebody say 23 megapixel camera in a phone?) and the Lumia 950 and HP's Elite x3 Windows phones!

Luxury Headphones!
"Like wrapping your head in the seat of a car you can’t afford…" but it sounds better. We talk up the pros and cons of luxury headphones, B&W's P7, KEF's M500, and V-Moda's Crossfade M-100, and a quick mention of AudioQuest's NightHawk, which we'll review soon! (Headphones from $16-80 next week!)

Will This Message Kill My Phone?!?
Mike writes, “I received this text message, I deleted shortly after getting it, I did not open. Just took a screen shot. Any idea what it might be? Virus maybe? If so any recommendations what I could do to protect myself?" We talk about the message, if it's a phone killer, and what it probably means in the video! 

Linux Mint Hacked!
Jack in TN posted on Patreon.com… “OK, I am a Linux geek that has been smirking at Winders users for years.  I finally got my comeuppance!  I use Linux Mint (hang head in shame for being pwned)." We talk about the hack, the response, why no OS is totally safe, and more!

Intel Wants To Own 5G LTE
More news from MWC: Intel wants to own 5G, esp after the epic failure of its 4G attempt, aka WiMAX... what are they doing different this time? Watch the video! 

SanDisk Type C USB Drives
Meanwhile… SanDisk launched USB Type C Drives??? Yup! More expensive than USB 3 drives, but they'll work w/ your lonely Type C port!

VR Sheeple? 
Gear VR of Doom? This photo is awesome. Or terrifying. Nice get by The Verge! 

Safe Search For Children? 
Anthony writes, "My kids have a Win 8,1 Desktop PC and are now wanting to explore the internet and YouTube and love searching things. I think it’s a great way for them to learn BUT as a parent it’s our Job to keep them safe online. Our internet service provider "Provides" safe search filters but when I enable them on the Main Hub it affects the searches of the Older Family Members who are using their phones, Tablets and Laptops to browse. 
Is there anything I can install onto the kids own desktop PC?" Great question, and one we want to open up to all the parents and kids in the TekThing crew to answer! 

Do Something Analog!
Go visit a park you’ve never been to before and see some new nature!!!