Intel Project Alloy VR, 32 TB SSDs, 64 Layer V-Nand Flash, Sub $100 Headphone Amps, Linux WiFi Help!

Intel Project Alloy Wireless VR, New V-Nand Flash Means 32TB SSDs, Sub $100 Headphone DACS, Linux WiFi Troubleshooting
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Google Fiber Going Wireless? Big shock: Google Fiber has discovered that laying fiber is expensive… and takes forever.

Intel Developer Forum 2016 What makes Intel's Project Alloy VR headset, 7th Gen Core i5 processors graphics prowess, and new RealSense modules amazing? Check the video! 

SSD News From Flash Memory Summit! Flash Memory Summit took place last week in Santa Clara, CA... PCPer's Allyn Malventano joins us for an amazing talk on storage, and the word on Samsung's new 64 Layer 4th Gen V-Nand... 32TB 2.5" SSDs, Xpoint and what Micron's QuantX XPoint does better than any other SSD, Phison'S NEW E8 NVME controllerSeagate's 60TB SSD, and his picks for the best deals in SSDs, and why you shouldn't be running an Entprise SSD at home!

Linux Driver Help Luka emailed, "I installed Fedora 24 on my new PC and everything works except the BCM4352 WiFi card from Asus. I tried Ubuntu 16.04, but the computer bricked and hanged when I tried to install proprietary drivers. I tried compiling the driver myself on Fedora, but that didn't work out too well, every time I update the kernel I have to compile it again, if I even manage to compile it." Should Luka buy a new Wi-Fi card? We talk drivers, show how to run iwconfig and sudo iw wlp1s0 scan to see if your wifi adapter even sees your wireless AP in the first place, and suggest an alternative WiFi adapter, and a fix that's worked for some folks!

Affordable Headphone DAC/Amps @Phil360 tweets, “@patricknorton could you recommend a headphone dac for a desktop PC for less than $200. Thanks” Audioquest's new DragonFly Black and Red, Emotiva's Little Ego, Schiit's Fulla all hit that mark and most are -under- $100!

Biolite Solar Charger MORE solar suggestions… and one for a stove. Noel emailed, "All of Biolites products are amazing, as they have the ability to charge nearly any USB powered device. Their camp stove generate energy by burning biodegradable material.

Do Something Analog And remember ... once in awhile... put down the phone, step away from the screen, close the laptop... and do something analog, like take a walk while a script spoofs Pokemon Go into thinking you’re walking around central park, NYC 24 hours a day at 20 kilometers per hour!!!
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