Bluetooth Lock & Android Flaws Exposed At Defcon, Fight Tech Support Scams, Fix Remote Buttons! - TekThing 84

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No Man's Sky
So excited for No Man’s Sky to get unlocked on steam this Friday… the game “about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy,” has been out on PS4 for a few days… it’s a diff experience for every player, looks and sounds amazing!
Defcon: Quadrooter
So many stories broke at the Defcon and Blackhat security conferences last week… First up, Quadrooter! Checkpoint revealed that the Qualcomm chips in 900 million Android devices have four serious security vulnerabilities that could give attackers root access, as in total control over your phone and access to your personal info. 
Bluetooth Locks Easy To Pick
Researchers Anthony Rose and Ben Ramsey found that almost all Bluetooth locks easy to “pick” because the manufacturer did a weak job implementing security… BT security is a big thing again, there’s even a GitHub repository for BtleJuice for man in the middle attacks.The DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge at Defcon
Carnegie Melon's Team ForAllSecure, and their system, Mayhem, won first prize, and $2 Million dollars... “DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge was designed to accelerate the development of advanced, autonomous systems that can detect, evaluate, and patch software vulnerabilities before adversaries have a chance to exploit them.” (Video here!)
Apple Launches Bug Bounty Program
Apple launched its first bug bounty program, with up to $200,000 for select vulnerabilities…  
Harmony Remote: Easy Repair Or Replace On The Cheap
The down arrow and volume buttons on Bryan's Harmony One are wearing out. We show DIY a button fix in the video (iFixit has a helpful teardown), mention, and found some great deals on refurbished Logitech Harmony Remotes. Check the Video!
Mom Got Tech Support Scammed, Help!!!
Gary writes, "When I got home from work tonight, my mother told me she had "probably done something stupid on the computer."  anyway, she says her computer popped up a warning that the Wi-Fi had been infected with a virus, and it basically locked up.  She called the number on the screen, and paid some company $519.97 for something called AlpKey. She did this using her checking account." First, call the bank, see if she can cancel the check. Second, check out the Federal Trade Commission's page on Tech Support Scams. ArsTechnica has a great article about the FTC shutting down one of these companies, PCCare247!
VPN Apps For Your Phone
@fredvolkman tweets, "Any recommendation for a VPN app for your android phone? Want to be as secure as "possible." Thx!" Sure! Way back in March, Snubs covered 7 secure Android VPNs in episode 61… they work on both iOS and Android. We discuss the best of 'em in the show, and suggest an app if you want to roll your own OpenVPN. 
Sacrificial Raspberry Pi
Dr. A writes, "After watching the segment on checking untrusted USB sticks, I noted my method was not mentioned, although Patrick got close.  I fire up a Raspberry Pi with a stock Os" More in the video! 
Do Something Analog! 
And remember ... once in awhile... put down the phone, step away from the screen, close the laptop... and do something analog, like pick 105 pounds of peaches!