How Much RAM Do You Need? Block Thumbdrive Attacks, Smart Lock Hacks, Sideclick, FLIRC & Harmony! - TekThing 83

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Block Thumbdrive Hacks @GeneComer tweets “any suggestions on methods to check thumb drives which came from uncertain sources like a trade show?” Sure! We talk Rubber Duckies, VMs, burner PCs, hitting CTRL, and when it's time to kill that flash drive with FIRE in the video!

3 Things We're Excited To See At DEFCON! What are we looking forward to at DEFCON 2016? Picking Bluetooth Low Energy Locks from a Quarter Mile Away, the Mr. Robot Panel, Ingress Egress (ie getting hacked via Pokemon Go), Blue Hydra, and Attacking Network Infrastructure to Generate a 4 Tb/s DDoS for $5... find out why in the video! 

How Much RAM for Chromebook, Windows, OS X? @garfnodie tweets, “@patricknorton Would running Android apps be a good reason to get a Chromebook with 4Gb of RAM instead of 2Gb?” We talk RAM for Chrome, the minimum (and what you should run) for Windows and OS X, The Great Suspender, and why Techspot says 16GB is overkill for almost Windows user in the show!

FLIRC, Harmony, Sideclick: Replacing A Dead Remote The remote that came with Ant’s Nexus Player died, and he emailed, "I really don't like using my phone to control it as I have to wake/unlock my phone every time. I am having trouble finding a replacement though. I am so confused with all the options I have found; Sideclicker, flirc, FireTV remote, and the really expensive Harmony Hub." We walk through all these options (and why you might want 'em for any box) in the show!

Do Something Analog! And remember ... once in awhile... put down the phone, step away from the screen, close the laptop... and do something analog, like explore a beach and find REALLY TINY FROGS!!!